Fjordman supports Pro-Cologne and the Cologne conference

Fjordman at The Brussels Journal argues that the supposed neo-Nazi menace constantly dwelt on by liberals barely exists, and that the endless and even intensifying campaign to root out Nazis is really a campaign to destroy the white West, by labeling it as Nazi. Being a “Nazi” today, he writes, really means “being born white and standing up for yourself.” He says it is time to leave behind the condemnation of Germany over of its past Nazism, because the past cannot be changed. He urges that Germany play its proper leading role in defending European civilization against the real threats, which are multiculturalism and Islamization, instead of being paralyzed forever by guilt, and so letting Europe be destroyed. For these reasons Fjordman encourages people to support the Anti-Islamization Congress in Cologne on May 9.

His article concludes:

I am aware of the fact that there are anti-German feelings still prevalent in some quarters, but I do not share these feelings. My country was once occupied by Nazi Germany, but I see no rational reason to blame young Germans for this. I realize that the situation today is radically different from what it was back then, and I derive no pleasure from seeing Germans being humiliated at home by members of backward tribes. The entire European continent is now under siege. The groups who insult and harass the inhabitants of Berlin and Hamburg do the same in Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London, Rome and Athens. Germans are not “Nazis” or “extremists” if they say that they do not want more Muslim immigration, period; they are merely exercising their right to retain their own land and shape their destiny as a people. Germans do have that right, just as much as Thais, Indians, Kenyans, Frenchmen and Italians do. Those who say otherwise are evil and should be denounced as such.

Europe is not complete without German culture. There is nothing that can be done about the past so we need to concentrate on the future. There is no reason to single out the Germans as the bad guys this time around. They now have a golden opportunity to redeem themselves and play a positive role as defenders of European civilization, something which their population size and historical achievements entitle them to.

If anything, precisely because of her history, Germany has an even greater responsibility than others to stop the spread of Jew hatred that follows inevitably from Muslim immigration. The defenders of Multiculturalism are directly responsible for the current spread of Nazi-like ideologies in the Western world and are shameless hypocrites for claiming otherwise. Opposition to Islamization in Germany is good not just for Germany, but for Europe. For this reason, we should support the Anti-Islamization Congress in Cologne on May 9th.

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Alan Levine writes:

Fjordman is quite right. This item reminded me of a definition from “The With-its College Dictionary,” in Poul Anderson’s novel, There Will Be Time:

“Fascist: a person who favors measures possibly conducive to the survival of the West.”

Anderson wrote that in 1973!

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