Sub-animalistic behavior by black college students

The brief news article at the Boston Globe is poorly written, as reporter Amanda Cedrone describes the attack in the passive voice (“The video shows a young man being punched without warning and then repeatedly punched and being hit with his own shoes”), making it sound as though all nine of the expelled students attacked the victim, whereas there was only one attacker. Cedrone’s statement that nine students have been expelled leads the reader to believe that they were expelled for the attack. But since only one person committed the attack that can’t be the case. I assume the others were expelled because they viciously laughed and hooted at the victim after the attack, when he staggered to his feet and stood stunned and helpless in his stockinged feet, since his attacker had stolen his shoes. No one offers to help him. No one expresses any concern. Instead they make mocking delighted sounds at his plight or at best walk by indifferently. The word “animals” is often used for such people, but no animals are so heartless as this. The word “savages” is often used for such people, but no savages are so gratuitously cruel as this. We need a new vocabulary to identify and describe the black sub-species that now exists in America. And remember, these are not “ghetto” blacks. These are students at Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts.

Here is the video, at Gateway Pundit. Some of the commenters make racial comments, and I’m surprised the blogger, the 9/11 conservative Jim Hoft, left them online.

Here is the Globe article:

Nine Dean College students have been expelled following a one-sided fight on Friday that was captured on videotape and posted online. Police said they expected to bring criminal charges in the case.

The fight began when a group of male students confronted another male student over a pair of sneakers, said Franklin Deputy Police Chief Stephen Semerjian.

“It began with a sucker punch so the victim really had no idea,” Semerjian said. “Once he was horizontal on the ground, it was brutal from that point on, absolutely.”

The video shows a young man being punched without warning and then repeatedly punched and being hit with his own shoes. His attacker then walks off with the shoes.

The victim was treated at the campus medical center and released Friday night.

“It was really one-sided,” Semerjian said. “The victim was lucky to be able to get back to his feet.”

One student was expelled Friday, and eight more were expelled after the video came to light Monday, said Gregg Chalk, spokesman for Dean College. Chalk said no other students are being investigated at this time.

“Dean has zero tolerance for anything that infringes on the safety of students,” Chalk said.

At least one person is expected to face criminal charges, Semerjian said. Charges would include assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and unarmed robbery, he said.

“There absolutely will be [charges] once we finish everything up,” he said.

Amanda Cedrone can be reached at

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Jim C. writes:

The average SAT scores students at Dean College are:

Average SAT Verbal Score: 440

Average SAT Math Score: 435 They were flashing gang signs.

Beth M. writes:

I just wanted to say that “one-sided fight” appears to be a new construction for the liberal press. Perhaps they have begun to be too embarrassed by the word “random” and the phrase “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The man was wearing desirable shoes, and he nearly got killed for it. Obviously, if a fight is one sided, it isn’t actually a “fight.” This was just a vicious beat-down.

LA replies:

You’re absolutely right. The phrase, “one-sided fight,” hung at the edge of my consciousness, but I was too preoccupied with getting the blog entry done to notice how PC it was.

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