Why we shouldn’t worry about the political fall-out of the Norway event

As I was drafting the previous entry, the below magnificent statement from Shrewsbury came in. He expresses—much more powerfully and on a more profound level than I did—why we do not need to concern ourselves with what the left might do to us over our supposed association with Anders Breivik. There are much bigger and more terrible things going on, which will absorb the left’s attention.

Shrewsbury writes:

Shrewsbury is giving no thought to the political fall-out from the Breivik atrocity, for three reasons, in ascending order of importance:

3. If the liberals want to turn a hundred horrible murders into just more grist for the mill of their squalid politics, he is willing to let them have it.

2. He does not give a rat’s hindquarters what liberals (that is, neo-Leninists) think or say or do about anything. At this point in the dialectic, no dialogue is possible with them. They live in their own universe of lies and depravity.

1. The deeper meaning of this event goes far beyond giving the haircuts on the television news a new rhetorical weapon. It means multiculturalism and mass immigration are now pushing some white people into the same nihilistic psychological space as Muslims, left with nothing but an overwhelming urge to destroy. If the liberals had the wit to understand this, they would be profoundly alarmed. The difference of course is that the Muslim culture is the source of its own despair, while for the European the cause of despair is the forcible ruin and elimination of his culture by others—the left, the Muslims. This means that the European urge to destroy can be slaked by allowing the European to be European, while the Muslim’s urge to destroy can never be slaked, because, to achieve any peace, he must become something other than Muslim.

But at the moment this makes no difference—you have two urges to destroy, with the utterly rotten edifice of liberalism in the middle. And this is what matters, not what Rachel Maddow is babbling tomorrow. We may even find that the liberals’ expressions of hate toward the right become actually less intemperate after this, as they begin to sense the stirrings of the monster which they have done so much to awake, and, having cried wolf a thousand times, now find themselves confronted by a dragon; and begin to realize that all their silly ranting about how awful the Right is will be of no use if they are to be confronted by a Right which really is awful.

This didn’t have to happen, the left didn’t have work so long and so frenziedly to try to destroy us, and everything we are, and everything we have, but they did, so it will happen. It is sickening and it is tragic.

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