Clueless Rove consults his crystal ball

Karl Rove, a figure I dislike so much I don’t even like to type his name and thus acknowledge his continuing, wholly illegitimate and disgusting presence on the national scene (who does this person think he is to go instantly from being a disastrous advisor to the president to being a Wall Street Journal pundit in which capacity he advises all Republicans and conservatives?), has written a column entitled, “The GOP is Winning the Health-Care Debate,” in which he says:

Passing health-care reform could be harmful to the health of congressional Democrats. Just look at how President Barack Obama’s standing has fallen as he has pushed for reform. According to Fox News surveys, the number of independents who oppose health-care reform hit 57% at the end of September, up from 33% in July. Independents are generally a quarter of the vote in off-year congressional elections. Among college graduates, opposition to health-care reform is now 50%

Many L-dotters aren’t accepting the happy talk from the Mayberry Machiavelli. They’ve heard it before. And they recognize the shortsightedness of his argument.

Reply 3—Posted by: Photoonist, 10/7/2009 10:55:23 PM

The problem: The Democrat leaders don’t care. If Pelosi, Reid, Schumer and the rest of that slimey bunch of leftoids think they can pass socialist healthcare by trickery and lies they will, knowing that they will ride out the backlash in their secure leftoid seats from districts filled with ……. That’s why this fight isn’t over and every day the Democrats must be revealed for the chicanery they are plotting. Just look at 0bama’s propagandafest of doctors the other day. Very few in the press reported the sham it was.

Reply 6—Posted by: RedWhiteBlue, 10/8/2009 12:01:18 AM

We all know that what might pass as a ”health bill’ is not what is going to THE BILL. The commies only want a foot in the door … then once that’s in it will be twisted and turned and prodded so when the finally throw it at us like slop it will have no resemblance to the the original bill that was passed! That’s how communists work. All smoke and mirror. May they all start rotting sooner than later!

Reply 7—Posted by: jackwoodson, 10/8/2009 12:25:38 AM

… if the GOP were winning the debate, why are the Rats poised to cram NaziCare down our throats?

Reply 8—Posted by: Sheik n Bake, 10/8/2009 1:07:24 AM

Caesar has his foot in Rubicon.

Reply 18—Posted by: tank, 10/8/2009 7:55:16 AM

Please tell me what the ”GOP” has done? I haven’t seen much life out of them at all. A few sound bites from McConnell and Boehner, but no real fight. Who is winning this? Fed up Americans. Real conservatives and the middle America that makes up the center-right coalition stood up this summer and started raising holy hell. This is not a GOP-led movement; in fact, at times the GOP has disowned us.

Reply 19—Posted by: LouInTexas, 10/8/2009 7:55:59 AM

I can’t see the GOP winning on the Health-Care debate, or any other debate. So far there has been one—just ONE elected representative with the guts to get in 0’Boy’s face and call him out for the liar he is.

The GOP is sorely lacking in a certain vital “organ.”

Reply 23—Posted by: CadillaqJaq, 10/8/2009 8:08:05 AM

”Win the debate” but lose the war? Great… if that’s a victory please excuse me whilst my head explodes!

The Marxist idiots many of us voted into office are going to pass their idea of national health reform regardless of the possible political consequences and that’s supposed to be a win for the nation?

Once in place, especially with Obama’s veto pen until 2012, their idea of health reform will never be repealed and eventually we’ll be ”enjoying” a single payer monstrosity similar, maybe worse, than that in the UK and Canada.

Its becoming more and more plain to see that these power guzzling Marxists have no conscience when they are in the majority, and in typical liberal fashion, have this inane belief that they and they alone know what is best for the rest of us, the uneducated inferior types.

Sure, many of them will suffer at the polls in 2010 but its a small price to pay for their cause as again, they will have forced their will upon us.

To put ot bluntly, we’ve had it. And I’d dearly love to be wrong.

[end of excerpts]

Of course, I reject such defeatist talk as comes from Reply 23, as much as I reject Rove’s “we’re winning the debate” optimism, in which he looks at leftist Democrats as rational actors instead of as ideologues who want what they want. This debate is not a matter of “optimism” or “pessimism.” It’s a matter of recognizing that we are in a battle on which the survival of our liberty depends, and that we must fight that battle and never give in.

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