How old is Sharon Bialek?

Stogie at Saberpoint has done a bit of research and concludes that Sharon Bialek is 59 years old. lt seems hard to believe. Her skin, her neck, look much younger than that. But by way of pointing out how much younger people look today, Stogie informs us that Gloria Allred (born Gloria Rachel Bloom) is 70.


That is remarkable. Allred doesn’t look anything like 70, but she doesn’t look particularly plastified either. Maybe, as with synthetic fabrics, cosmetic surgery just keeps getting better and better.

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Timothy A. writes:

Sharon Bialek was born 8 Aug 1961 (public records via making her 50 years old. Stogie used which initially comes up with a Sharon M. Bialek who is 59 years old. If you dig a little deeper at zabasearch you find the 50 year old Sharon Lee Bialek in the Chicago area as well. I conclude that Sharon Lee is Cain’s accuser based on her photos as well as on the information (public records) uncovered by Chicago reporter Chuck Goudie that in 1999 she gave birth to a son out of wedlock (and a paternity suit was filed by the father). An unplanned pregnancy at 47 years old isn’t impossible, but pretty darned unlikely.

LA replies:

Thank you for this. The age didn’t seem possible, and the son born to her at age 47 was also a problem.

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