Suicide by Britain—or a war by the British state against the British people?

Nicholas Stix writes:

I have to disagree with Larry Auster in his big judgment on England’s destruction: This is not suicide, but democide. The English ruling class has destroyed Albion by waging relentless, generations-long war on the white working class, and on patriots of all classes. The Congolese rioters are not attacking the British state; they are—unwitting, to be sure—agents of the British state against the British people.

But just two days ago I said, regarding a Leo McKinstrey column:

McKinstry says Britain’s white elites are motivated by guilt. I would say that Britain’s elites are not motivated by guilt; they are motivated by their belief in the guilt of OTHER white people, the white people who are being harmed and killed by nonwhites. He says that “our ruling elite” are “deluded by the ideology of cultural diversity,” as though they were well meaning people who were merely confused. They are not confused. They BELIEVE in cultural diversity and are using it to destroy “non-diverse,” i.e. white, Britain.

How can McKinstrey, one of the most outspoken conservative-leaning columnists in Britain, say that the ruling elite is merely “deluded” by the ideology of cultural diversity, years after the revelation that Blair’s Labour government had greatly increased immigration for the deliberate purpose of so increasing Britain’s diversity that the conservative part of Britain would be overwhelmed? As I put it at the time, “[T]he object was to change Britain so much that there would be no historic Britain left to defend.”

It sounds as though Mr. Stix and I are in agreement about Britain.

At the same time, I must add that in my criticisms of McKinstrey’s column, I inadvertently left out what was good about it. It is very powerful.

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