Fourth century icons of Peter and Paul discovered

Lasers have uncovered the earliest known icons of St. Peter and St. Paul, in fourth century crypts underneath Rome.

Ben W. writes:

A good and decent story that brought gladness and a smile. About good people. Those we respect and cherish. Ah what a difference.

No Obama, no Darwin, no rape, no murder, no confusion of sexes, no oil spill. Icons of Peter and Paul. Magnificent.

Ben continues:

In looking at those icons of Peter and Paul, I feel as if I’m almost touching the face of Jesus and by extension peering at God. Those men, their images…how good that makes me feel. I’m tired of the pictures and portraits we see every day - they weary us. But these men, they walked among us, they talked with us, they taught us. How good that feels to “see” them “again.”

This is what heaven must be when we see and meet those who went before us in the faith. Overwhelming, like a revelation to have those icons uncovered at this time in our history.

Ben. continues:

Sorry about the outpouring of emails. But how refreshing, how utterly refreshing to see a discovery like that. Not of false lemurs as the lost human link, or the chase after evanescent god particles, or of animal jaws and human legs, etc. Men, whole men of God. So good a discovery like that.

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