Apologize for the Crusades?

One of the highest authorities in Islam is demanding that the Catholic Church apologize to Islam for the Crusades, and reportedly the Vatican is considering complying. Robert Spencer points out why the Moslems owe much greater apologies to Christendom, which, of course, no one thinks of demanding of them.

Please God, do not let the Vatican apologize. It would be like apologizing for Christendom’s very existence. It would be like saying, “You Moslems have been right all along. We Christians are infidels. Our civilization is the dar al-harb, the realm of war. Any attempt by us to defend ourselves against you is by definition a warlike act. Indeed our very existence is a warlike act, so long as we do not acknowledge that Allah is God and Muhammad is his Prophet.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 22, 2005 04:46 PM | Send

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