On the cusp of a great darkness

JC in Houston writes:

I saw this CNN poll: “Obama approval rating back to 50% mark.”

I no longer have any hope for this country.

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February 16

Nile McCoy writes:

I looked at the internals of the poll; what makes it suspect is the sampling. The sampling is of “all adults,” not registered voters or likely voters, which is a far more accurate methodology. Likely voters is the most accurate method, and the media has been notably silent on likely voter polls since the 2010 mid-terms. Until I see otherwise, I’m quite convinced Obama is well underwater in that method. I’m sure if they were ever done, Obama was well under 40 percent, probably near George W. Bush levels after Katrina. If Obama was performing strong with the likely voter models, we would have heard about them long ago. For the first time in my life, and a generation of following politics, I have never heard of “all adults.” I’m quite certain it’s manufactured to make Obama appear stronger politically than he actually will be in the fall.

Ferg writes:

Given the Republican field there is small wonder that Obama’s poll numbers are going up. What is the alternative? Time for us to focus on the House and Senate and our State races.

Paul M. writes:

Ferg writes:

“… What is the alternative? Time for us to focus on the House and Senate and our State races”

There are two reasons why defeating Obama is critical:

1) Traditional America will be doomed should any more justices like Kagan or Sotomayor be added to the Supreme Court.

2) No matter who is residing in the White House or what he does or doesn’t do, it is inevitable that the economy will eventually rebound before 2016. The party in power — and the role of government it espouses — will get all the credit.

Should these disasters come to pass, it would be a generation or longer (if ever) before they could be reversed.

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