Hewitt on Will

Hugh Hewitt, still manfully defending Miers, points out the many inconsistencies of Miers opponent George Will on constitutional matters that make Will’s pronouncement in this area, particularly his very tough column denouncing Miers in today’s Washington Post, less than reliable. Most notably, in a column last summer, Will praised Justice Lewis Powell, author of the infamous concurrence in the Bakke case that served as the basis of the Grutter decision, and a supporter of the majority decision in Roe v. Wade, as the “embodiment of mainstream conservative jurisprudence.” Hewitt continues:

How many conservative critics of Miers agree with George Will that Justice Powell was the “embodiment of mainstream conservative jurisprudence?” If not, don’t cite Will’s column as an argument for dismissing Miers.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 23, 2005 09:28 AM | Send

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