America, by accepting TSA gropers, shows that it is dead

The image of a defeated country: Transportation
Security agent patting down an elderly, crippled
traveler at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport last year

And this obscene atrocity is accepted. The protests have ceased. Napolitano has won.

The photo is from an April 13 New York Post column by Becky Akers, “Worthless ‘security’.” Akers thinks the TSA procedures are a waste of time and energy, but she has no grasp of why the government requires these useless and humiliating procedures, namely, to avoid discriminating against Muslims and to break Americans’ will.

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Paul, the author of the Stuff Black People Don’t Like blog, writes:

I fly a lot—six to ten times a month. It is a lamentable fact that Americans have capitulated to the TSA and these searches.

I also make a big scene when I get groped (I refuse to go through the body scanners), and yet everyone else marches through like blind cattle to the slaughter.

It’s one of the most depressing sights in life waiting in an airport security line and seeing parents hardly protest when their young children are being touched by these TSA drones.

Robert A. writes:

The TSA pat-down is not about security. It is about the secular, liberal state taking control over our bodies. In the old Christian culture, people covered their bodies out of modesty. There was a certain distance between people’s bodies as a show of respect for other people. The liberal state defeats that aspect of Christian culture through by mandating the touching of one body by another immodestly—all parts of it. One’s personhood as formally presented through one’s appearance and body is now at the behest of the state.

Also most TSA personnel are black and Latino. This is a show of force by the minorities over whites. Your body is now legally under the control of racial minorities as authorized through the state.

These are all psychological and cultural tactics, encoded in “law” by a secular state to destroy the white, Christian persona.

Paul of SBPDL writes:

A comment to your reader who says the majority of TSA employees are black or nonwhite. Not necessarily true. At the major airport hubs (think Atlanta, Dulles, Midway in Chicago) there are a lot of blacks. But remember that the black population is situated in either major cities or the South. A lot of the smaller airports have TSA staffs that reflect the local majority population (think regional airports in places like Montana). Not surprising, these airport security lines are much more efficient. Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Orange County, San Diego are much faster then, say, Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta that has a TSA staff of almost 100 percent black people.

As I’ve written at my site, it breaks down this way:

The TSA is 21.5 percent black, compared to a civilian workforce which is only 10.5 percent black and is in the business of generating revenue and profits as compared to the TSA, which is in the business of groping and agitating airline travelers.

White people comprise 58.9 percent of TSA, as opposed to 72 percent of the private sector which generates the tax returns that enable the employment of 21.5 black people.

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