A white American convert to jihadism

(See video of the “white trash” jihadi, linked below.)

Daniel S. writes:

I was reading an article today by the anti-jihad writer Patrick Poole in which he details the jihad propaganda activities of an white American man, Devin Zentmyer, who converted to Islam in prison, whom Poole aptly dubbed a “white trash jihadist.” While there is little news to be found in a petty criminal converting to Islam in prison, what caught my attention was a quote from a Homeland Security official interviewed by Poole familiar with the Muslim convert being covered:

You only need to read his statements online and watch his video to see that in his mind he’s already justified violence in the name of Islam. He’s totally bought into the ideology. And he’s moving in the online networks where people have already engaged in terror attacks. And you have people like Awlaki authorizing “lone wolf” attacks against American civilians. I don’t think he’s going to be another Zach Chesser who tries to board a plane to fight jihad with a terrorist group overseas. When he does something, he’s going to be another Nidal Hasan or Faisal Shahzad doing something right here at home.

In the end it doesn’t matter if we believe that they can actually replace the U.S. Constitution with Islamic law, it only matters if they believe it’s possible and are willing to act on that belief. Zentmyer has past [sic] that point.

So here we have a government official admitting that a known radical Muslim is very likely to act on his jihadist convictions. So what then is to be done? There are people in this country, like this traitorous Devin Zentmyer, who our government deems as probable jihad terrorists, but nothing is to be done, except watch and wait? Does our society have no preventive measures against such individuals? (And if not, is it not time to consider jihad-sedition laws?) In other words, what actions can and should be taken, what policies advocated, that can be used to prevent jihad-minded Muslims long before they are operational?

LA replies:

The fact that a white Westerner such as Zentmyer who has converted to Islam adopts the jihadist program shows that all the fancy cultural, historical, and psychological explanations for Islamic extremism are wrong (see my catalogue of the Non-Islam Theories of Islamic Extremism). It shows that the cause of Islamic extremism is—Islam. Whatever the psychology, the national origin, the immigration status, the socioeconomic status, the marital status of a Muslim, whether he is born of cousin marriage or not, whether he is culturally alienated in the West or not, whether he is sexually frustrated or not, whether he is angry at Islam being “left behind” by the modern West or not, if he’s a Muslim, then he is a candidate for Muslim extremist.

LA replies:

Also, what a coincidence, that we have discussed two individuals named Devin in one day: Devin Zentmyer, the American convert to jihadism, and Devin, the race-mixed son of April Swanson. In the history of this site, there have only been two previous entries referencing anyone named Devin.

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OneSTDV writes:

In this video, the “white trash Jihad” prattles on about an “unjust” government and our occupation of Muslim lands. Despite being a self-proclaimed devout Muslim, Devin maintains a laughably obvious black-American affect. His mannerisms, diction, and speech all mirror that of white American “wiggers” who coopt black culture in a misguided adopt to partake in a seemingly vibrant culture.

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