Aren’t conservatives’ reports of Obama’s “plummeting” approval ratings getting a tad repetitive—not to mention unbelievable?

At Lucianne Goldberg’s Must Reads today:

Poll: Majority now disapprove of Obama’s job performance
“It’s certainly a reasonable hypothesis that the mosque
comments are a cause of his lower approval
ratings and his higher disapproval.”

Excuse me, I don’t mean to spoil the party, but is this news? Haven’t we been told almost daily for the last many months that Obama’s approval rating has declined to below 50 percent? Do we not detect something like substance addiction in conservatives’ endless indulgence in the thought that support for Obama is “lower than ever,” it is “plummeting,” it in “free fall”? If I remember my high school physics, when an object is in free fall, its downward velocity is increasing at a rate of 32 feet per second per second, meaning that an object that starts falling from a height of, say, five miles above the earth will smash into the earth in a couple of minutes at most. So if Obama’s approval rating were in free fall, he would have attained zero approval about a year ago, i.e., almost instantly after his free fall was first announced. In fact, his approval rating is still in the low forties, where it was six months ago. So he’s not in free fall, is he?

I wish these conservatives journalists would stop jerking us around.

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Mark Jaws writes:

I too have grown weary of Obama’s “plummeting poll numbers” from so-called conservative journalists. Being “race-does-not-matter” universalists, they fail to realize that blacks and dark-skinned Hispanics will stick with Obama no matter what. And I mean, “no matter what.” Those groups provide about half of his support. Add to that your typically naive and duped young white liberals and perpetually single white women, along with the homosexual lobby, and Obama will never go lower than 35 percent. In fact, the only way that Obama’s poll numbers among blacks will sink below 80 percent is for him to “pull a “Tiger.” That is, “diss” Michelle, and start having sex with lots of white women.

David B. writes:

A year or so ago, I said that Obama will probably not fall much lower than he is now. As Mark Jaws writes, blacks and nonwhites in general will stay with him no matter what, along with certain types of white liberals.

That being said, 42-45 percent is worse for Obama than it would be for a Republican, for two reasons. One, some of his nonwhite support wil not show up at the polls. Two, what does it say when a president so heavily favored by the opinion makers has negative numbers?

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