The GOP circus, cont.

LA to Bjorn Larsen (see his earlier comments on “The GOP circus”):
Sorry about all the continuing stuff on the circus-like GOP campaign, is Christie in, is Christie out, etc. But, as Rush Limbaugh says about his show, VFR is somewhat driven by what’s in the news.

Bjorn Larsen replies:

It is in fact more lopsided than I ever thought possible, this “start from scratch every four years, new candidates on the former losers’ side, reset the ideological definitional yardstick and off we go….” Old traditionalist businessmen like myself simply cannot believe that the GOP lets itself be conquered by a new person every four to eight years, defining policy and focus for the entire country with victory.

Smoky rooms, good cognac, good food, long nights—it’s the only way to get it done correctly. Imagine Churchill around the table with his advisors without cigars, drinking water out of plastic bottles—a travesty and an insult to his memory.

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