Why was Wong allowed a pistol permit?

John D., who lives in upstate New York, brings out an angle on Jiverly Wong that has been missed:

A Binghamton newspaper reports the following about the immigrant mass-murderer, Jiverly Wong:

What’s known is this: Wong, 41, was a distraught man with an affinity for guns. Family and friends told police they weren’t entirely surprised by his actions.

In 1999, New York State Police learned Wong was planning a bank robbery to support a drug habit, Zikuski said. He was never charged.

Later in the article, it states that Wong had a valid pistol permit which, in the state of New York, is not that easy to obtain. Any reason at all can be used to deny someone a permit. Once issued, it can also be revoked simply by the whim of any judge in the issuing county. In this case, the permit should have been revoked when NY State Police learned of his plan to rob a bank, or of his drug habit. If the permit was issued after that investigation, someone didn’t do their job investigating him for the permit.

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