The killer has a manifesto—he’s a self-styled Knight Templar seeking to start an intra-European war

M. Mason writes:

Have you seen this? The document linked here purports to be the shooter’s manifesto.

It’s a huge file (you might want to take care that your computer doesn’t crash if you try to download it), and although I’m not able to cut and paste from it, the title is: 2083: A Declaration Of European Independence

Anders Behring Breivik, according to this very long document, is one of the leaders of a greater European nationalist paramilitary movement that claims to be a modern day revival of the ancient Knights Templar—a self-styled “New Knighthood,” “Crusader” and “anti-jihadist” organization pledged to “protect the interests of all free, indigenous Europeans, European cultures and Christendom in general through armed struggle.” He is a self-styled “Justiciar Knight Commander for Knights Templar Europe” in this “National and pan-European Patriotic Resistance Movement.”

The guy practically wrote a novel, over 1500 pages in MS Word and it’s very comprehensive. It is, in fact, “A Declaration of Pre-Emptive War” against those that he considers his ideological enemies. Most revealing is a long interview (beginning on page 1351) apparently conducted with Breivik himself (cf. page 1398: “I am very proud of my Viking heritage. My name, Breivik … “).

If the information contained in this remarkable autobiographical account is genuine, it is truly alarming.

What we come face-to-face with in these writings is no mere “spree killer” or just another thuggish neo-Nazi dead-ender. Breivik goes into extensive detail in this manifesto not only about his political beliefs, but also his religious motivations and even his personal life as it relates to his involvement in this quasi-religious, modern-day Knights Templar movement and what drove him to do what he did.. He tells us that he totally dedicated himself to the cause, turning away from his “former shallow consumerist lifestyle” and “[lived] a very ascetic and relatively isolated life” over a three year period while writing his manifesto and playing “World of Warcraft part-time (“RaidingOperations”).” Furthermore, the manifesto (again, if true) reveals Breivik to be very intelligent and capable; from his business ventures and stock market trading during the last ten years he had apparently saved up over two million Norwegian kroner to fund his planned assault operations.

There are also many photo images in the file, as you can see if you download the document. The very first image on page one is a graphic of the ancient red cross of the Templar Knights, and there are multiple photos of Breivik at the end of the manifesto sporting that symbol on various ritual garb, including one of him wearing paramilitary gear and aiming a sophisticated rifle as if to fire it, for much of the manifesto reads like a modern day military training manual. For example, among other activities there are step-by-step instructions about how to blow up a nuclear plant, etc and engage in other different kinds of assaults—the movement has definitely been planning these sorts of operations for years. After perusing the document, it becomes clear how Breivik finally consolidated his disordered belief system in his own mind, and felt both justified and was tactically equipped to carry out his horrible attack with methodical, relentless, Teutonic efficiency. There’s also a copy of a YouTube video still alive that Breivik is alleged to have posted before he attacked Oslo and Utoya.

All in all, this is worse than even what has already been described. And now Reuters is reporting that Breivik believed his actions were “atrocious” but “necessary,” and he’s willing to explain himself in court. It looks like Anders Breivik is quite prepared for a show trial.

This post represents merely a preliminary look at the document. Although my summary of it is, I believe, accurate as to its particulars, there will of course be a great deal more to glean from it, with possible corrections if what I’ve written contains any errors. I’m simply passing this lead along to you and to VFR readers for your information. I was unaware that this dangerous underground movement even existed in Europe until I read Breivik’s manifesto. You’ll obviously want to do your own investigation of the manifesto before posting at length about it.

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