The criminal Western alliance

NATO’s insane, illegal war against Kaddafi has been escalated. As reported in the New York Times, NATO warplanes today dropped 50 bombs on Tripoli, destroying much of Kaddafi’s compound. Clearly they are aiming at killing him, the leader of Libya who, since he made peace with the U.S. eight years ago, has done nothing to the U.S., nothing to Europe. Yet the left, which sought to tear the world to shreds over George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, is quiescent about this grossly criminal aggression by France, Britain, and the U.S.

In an audio message released today, Kaddafi, addressing NATO, said:

“You are setting fire to the sea, you are setting fire to the desert, you are chasing a mirage. What do you want? What do you want? Did we cross the sea and attack you? Why this consistent bombing? Are you trying to force us into submission? You will not, we will never submit.”

Can anyone gainsay Kaddafi’s point? He has done nothing to the countries that are attacking him and trying to kill him. Where is the outrage? Where is the outrage against the tyrannical, criminal West?

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June 8

Karl J. writes:

The West is only evil when it’s acting in its own best interests, didn’t you know that?

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