The disappointment of the media elite

Ron P. writes:

Watching Christiane Amanpour on ABC this morning, it appeared this woman devoutly wished a revolution along certain lines. It had to be a world-shattering, epoch-shaping event. For this media moment, she was brought forth, along with her male counterpart, Fareed Zakaria.

However this breathless, transcendent moment got bogged down in bureaucracy. In her interview with Egyptian Vice-President Suleiman, it became apparent that Muburak would not step down before September, that the Egyptian parliament would proceed in an incremental, step-wise fashion to implement reform, and that the government was asking the crowds to disperse and go back home to their daily lives and jobs.

So much for the orgiastic climax to the days of rage and the revolution. ‘Twas not the consummation devoutly to be desired.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 06, 2011 03:28 PM | Send

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