The future of air travel?

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Reply 14—Posted by: labrador heaven, 12/28/2009 9:26:29 AM

Oh, and since this latest news: a friend is a test pilot who owns several planes. He’s in semi-layoff mode from his group, and is wide-open for chartering and flying groups to/from business for decent rates, since he owns the planes. He’s based out of Florida. He’s gotten calls and emails since this hit, and more clients and their clients are taking him up on it. His attorney has drawn up docs to cover legalities. And off he goes.

No “sit and stay and don’t touch” in his cabins. And I doubt there will be any Arabic male flyers between 20 and 35 yo on these charters. Maybe that’s one answer: we all hire our own Indiana Jones types to get where we’re going. Forget NW, American, etc.

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