A voice from the 99 percent

Here’s a comment from Amit G., my friendly occasional correspondent from the pro-Third World, One-World left (out of respect for Amit’s authenticity, I’m leaving his spelling intact):

hi laurebnce, its me, Amit. I have been milling about Zuccoti park and meeting the 99% of us who are the small percentage of the economy but strong in will and character. Obama is bringing us together to reaklize our interdependants and this movement like a wave will bring justice and equal distributioon to all who desire a peaceful world and eqaulity. is not this exciting? well yes it is because as we head into this next election we need to make the unequal dispersion of goods a focal point to the voters or we shall be more in an unbalanced state. were you there perchance at the parc one day or another? good to talk to you because we have not spoken to each other in some time and we feel the energy rising.

anon my friend,

- end of initial entry -

November 18

Robert B. writes:

My, how wonderfully child like—both the writing and the expectations. No small wonder why these people are so easily led around by the nose. Reminds me of Rossiter’s book, which is a good addendum to Kalb’s book.

LA replies:

I think it’s pretty likely that “Amit” is a conservative who is having fun with us.

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