Boswell story gets stranger

Yesterday I pointed out the oddity that the local media in Iowa provided no physical description of the still at-large armed intruder who invaded Rep. Leonard Boswell’s farm and grappled with him before being chased off by the congressman’s shotgun-bearing grandson. Now the sheriff and Boswell’s chief of staff have gone a step further: they won’t even say whether intruder was a man or a woman. Maybe it’s discriminatory to divide the human race into different sexes. After all, we’re all one universal family, aren’t we?

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Greg W. writes:

Yes! Because giving a description can make a person be unjustly leery of a minority (or anyone), they give no description, so we can all be leery of EVERYONE!

Timothy A. writes:

A commenter on the Des Moines Register story writes that someone matching the name and age of Boswell’s grandson, Mitchell Brown, the one who pointed a shotgun at the intruder. has had a long record of arrests (drugs, guns, assault) in that part of Iowa.

So it may not be a random home invasion. It may be related to the criminal activity of young Mitchell Brown, and the police may have a good idea who the intruder was.

Or not.

LA replies:

Hmm, maybe a criminal associate of Mitchell’s was having a dispute with him and came to the farm to have it out. Or not.

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