Al Qaeda calls on nonwhites to join the jihad against the West

One of the reasons my writings would tend to be seen as “racist” in contemporary terms is that I don’t speak only of defending “America,” I sometimes, depending on context, speak of defending “white America”; and I don’t speak just of my fear for the future of “Western civilization,” I also speak of my concern for “white Western civilization.” The racial character of European and British civilization and its overseas extensions is simply a historic fact. Without the white race and its distinct sub-groups and their particular characteristics and cultures, there would have been no Greece, there would have been no Rome, there would have been no Middle Ages, there would have been no France, no Germany, no Italy. Without the Anglo-Saxon and closely related peoples, there would have been no Britain, no United States of America. Of course, today’s liberal ideology—embraced by liberals and conservatives—tells us that the West is defined only by abstract ideas, not by any race, ethnicity, or culture. The fact nevertheless remains that insofar as the West loses its predominantly white character, it will inevitably change into something that is no longer the West. This is happening before our eyes in the Third-Worldized city of London, and in the American Southwest.

White “conservatives” never let these obvious and fundamental facts cross the threshold of their minds, let alone their lips. To “conservatives” any acknowledgment of the whiteness of the West is racist; indeed, for more than a few white “conservatives,” merely to think of oneself as white is racist. Of course, it’s fine to refer to the whiteness of the West when one is deriding the West’s or America’s past and present bigotry. What is forbidden is any positive or, indeed, any neutral acknowledgment of the historic and actual whiteness of the West and its constituent nations.

The West’s enemies, whether of the Third World or the Western left, are not so inhibited in their speech. They know they are out to destroy the West. And they know that since whites are the historic and actual majority of the West, if white dominance can be delegitimized and destroyed, the West itself will have been crippled and thus brought within the power of the left and the Third World.

Our jihadist enemies recognize this, even though Islam claims not to place any importance on race.

In a new video, Al Qaeda number-two man and top ideologist Ayman al-Zawahiri specifically describes Al Qaeda’s jihad against the West in racial terms, calling on “oppressed” non-white minorities to ally themselves with Al Qaeda.

As the AP reports:

Al-Zawahiri encouraged minorities around the world to join the holy war, or jihad.

“Al-Qaida is not merely for the benefit of Muslims,” he said. “That’s why I want blacks in America, people of color, American Indians, Hispanics, and all the weak and oppressed in North and South America, in Africa and Asia, and all over the world.”

You heard it from the horse’s mouth. The jihad is not aimed just against pro-Jewish and pro-Israel America; it is not aimed just against the modern, secular, decadent West; and it is not aimed just against the Christian West: it is aimed against the white West.

Of course, our so-called conservatives will refuse to recognize Al Qaeda’s call to racial jihad, because, for today’s conservatives, it is racist to identify oneself or one’s culture as white, even if oneself or one’s culture is being attacked as white. From which it follows that the only way for the West to remain non-racist is for it to keep itself defenseless and helpless before its mortal enemies, until it is extinguished. And that, in reality, is the true end of today’s liberalism and conservatism.

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Zawahiri’s remark raises an intriguing question. The anti-Semitic white right doesn’t like to oppose Islam, because Islam is the enemy of the Jews. Will Zawahiri’s call for jihad against whites stir the far-whites from their anti-Semitic stupor?

Roger writes:

No it won’t. Such anti-Semitism does not have intellectual origins and cannot be dismissed for intellectual or pragmatic reasons. It arises out of severe personality psychopathology characterized by projective mechanisms resulting in a paranoid delusional system. This becomes the primary force in such people’s whole motivational system and takes on an obsessive quality. No real threat such as those posed today to the West can compete with the imaginary threat of the Jews.

It is significant that those who pose the greatest threat to the West today, that is the Islamic world and the radical left, have anti-Semitism as a central feature. So the anti-Semitic far right shares an essential feature with the West’s worst enemies, which means that in some essential way they are like them. At best such people will offer no defense against the Islamic threat. This is one of the reasons why anti-Semitism itself poses a mortal threat to the West.

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