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Now that the second and more damaging secretly recorded Mel Gibson rant has been published, I continue to be amazed that with all the condemnations of Gibson in the media (in which the main focus is not on the facts, not on the human problem, but on whether his career is finished), nothing has been made of the by-far worst alleged aspect of his behavior—that he punched his ex-girlfriend in the mouth breaking two teeth. Is it true? Did it happen? If it happened, why didn’t she make out a police complaint?

In their phone conversation as printed in today’s New York Post, he seems to confirm that he did in fact do it:

Grigorieva: You were hitting a woman with a child in her hands. You. What kind of man is that? Hitting a woman when she’s holding a child in her hands. Breaking her teeth twice, in the face. What kind of man is that?

Gibson: Oh, you’re all angry now.

Grigorieva: You’re going to get to—you know what…

Gibson: You f - - king deserved it.

He appears to be saying that she deserved having her teeth broken. But again, the absence of a criminal complaint against him over this alleged assault, and the absence of any reporting about it apart from passing references, leaves the event shadowy.

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