Young white Canadian woman meets and marries waiter from Mauritius on family vacation cruise; now she and her parents are dead

Canadian TV’s idea of a “picture perfect family”

I guess this is what you’d call the story of a picture perfect family gone wrong.

Three years ago, Anne-Catherine Powers, then 18, met a man (his race is not clear—perhaps a mixture of Negro and Indian?) from the African island of Mauritius working as a waiter on the cruise ship on which she and her parents were taking a vacation. She married him, lived with him in Mauritius, had a child with him, and returned to Canada with him.

The article, dated May 25, comes from CTV News:

Police in Gatineau, Que., have charged a 28-year-old man with three counts of first-degree murder on Friday, following the deaths of his estranged partner and her parents in a home the four shared together. [LA asks: Since Ann-Catherine Powers and Shakti Ramsurrun were married, why does the article repeatedly refer to them as “partners”? My guess: since same-sex “marriage” has been legalized in Canada, the word “partners” must replace the words “husband and wife,” so as to make same-sex “married” couples equal to heterosexual married couples. Therefore Canadian media companies have told their reporters and editors to mix the word “partner” with the words “husband” and “wife” so as to move the media steadily to the point where the words “husband” and wife” will be eliminated altogether.]

Claude Levesque, 58, his wife Louise LeBoeuf, 63, and her daughter, 21-year-old Anne-Catherine Powers, were found dead on Thursday inside a posh home at 64 Rue Felix-Leclerc in Aylmer, across the river from Ottawa.

Police said on Friday that the three victims were found with injuries inflicted by a sharp weapon after officers responded to a 911 call from the affluent neighbourhood Thursday afternoon.

Shakti Ramsurrun, 28, was arrested on Thursday at a nearby private golf club where he worked, according to police. He was holding his 15-month-old child when officers arrived to take him into custody. The child was unharmed.

According to friends, the couple met on a cruise back in 2009. Ramsurrun was a waiter; Powers was on a family vacation.

A year later, they married and lived in his native Mauritius, an island off the coast of Africa. When their son Aryan was born, the couple moved to Canada. Friends say that’s when things began to unravel.

“I know it was tough for him to be here because it’s such a different place,” Virginie Lamaute, a friend of Powers told CTV Ottawa.

About a month ago, Powers confided to her friends that she planned to divorce her husband. At the time they were both living at her parents’ house.

In an email, Powers told a friend: “We are too different. I definitely think he would be better off on his island.” [LA replies: It didn’t occur to her before she married him that they might be “too different.” And evidently there was no one in her white liberal world to tell her otherwise.]

Police said that Ramsurrun had been a legal resident of Canada since December.

As part of the investigation, police searched a minivan found near the scene. It was left parked with its rear hatch open, exposing piles of children’s toys and luggage.

The bodies were taken to Montreal for an autopsy, police said.

Ramsurrun made a brief court appearance on Friday and is expected back in court next week.

Anne-Catherine Powers, 21, and her
estranged partner,Shakti Ramsurrun, 28

Is there any lesson to be earned from this story, the basic pattern of which has recurred over and over? How about this:

If you’re a young white woman and you meet a man from a Third-World country working as a waiter on a cruise ship, don’t marry him. Or, at the very least, test his character in a variety of circumstances over a long period of time before you marry him, and before you have sexual relations with him.

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Ed H. writes:

I remember the December 2008 issue of “Mothering” magazine. The front cover had a very pregnant white female and behind her the smiling black father. This was one month after the election, and the “post racial America” delirium was at full tide. The liberal print and electronic media, with all its might, was pushing its poison into the souls of the gullible and the lost. Three years later the thrill is gone, the black fathers are no doubt gone, and all we have are these idiot white women facing the rest of their lives as single mothers, with no means of support, and quite possibly living in terror of their former spouses. I see them sitting alone in Starbucks or in public places tending to a mixed race baby and staring blankly as if to ask, “What happened?” To be honest I cannot feel any sympathy. I can however feel a great deal of disgust at the white liberal fathers and mothers that raised such daughters. This time in Canada the backlash of reality came to these lost liberal souls in a particularly nasty way and they all perished in the process. But what are we left to feel about this phenomenon as a whole? About the Obama Era itself? Rage? Bitterness? Possibly. Disgust and resolve? Definitely. But the one thing I can never feel is what the liberal press wants us to feel: “shock.”

Aditya B. writes:

The thug in question is unquestionably Indian. Unadulterated Indian. A bhaiyaa from Uttar Pradesh (“U.P.”) or Bihar. His features and his name give him away. I’ll bet my last dollar that he’s from Western U.P. or Eastern Bihar.

The CIA Factbook reveals that Bhojpuri is spoken by 12.8% of the population. Bhojpuri is the vernacular in the most benighted and violent region of India, the North, consisting of the states of Uttar Pradesh (formerly British Central Provinces) and Bihar (formerly a province of the British Presidency of Bengal).

U.P. has the proud distinction of being the most violent state in India. Bihar is another ungovernable, savage territory that is equally, if not more violent. Apparently, it is going through yet another spasm of political violence.

Not only have these hounds distinguished themselves in the art of public violence, they have proven themselves equally adept at very intimate violence as well. Bihar, Mr. Auster, has the highest rates of domestic violence in India. These swine are experts in beating their women and eventually killing them. Usually by throwing kerosene on them and setting them alight.

So when a man like me, who knows all these things, looks at the pretty white thing with the goonda, he is not surprised. When you know what I know, you would’ve seen it coming too. And you would be sick to your stomach too, because you’d know that you couldn’t stop it.

I see this story so often that I’ve become jaded. I used to burn up with rage and shame. I was angry with the girl. Ashamed to sharing ancestry with the swine. But I’m getting knackered and jaded . They just don’t seem to learn and all my rage is spent in vain.

The plot is very simple: Foolish white girl visits third world hellhole. For reasons best known to her and G-d, falls in love with a savage and returns with him to jannat. Parents are very forward, very pukka. Everyone gets along fabulously. He’s so vibrant! With his stories and his traditions and that rich tapestry of his culture.

Eventually, savagery and civilization quarrel. Savages aren’t used to girls who talk back. Or leave without permission. Or say no. To anything. She needs to learn that. Once and for all. There’s only so much a man can take and at some point you have to avenge your honor.

I don’t know how a sweet thing like her could let that bastard even shine her shoes. Or what kind of parents would allow such a pretty, fairy-like creature to marry that obviously junglee looking goonda. Any Indian mother would know he was a mawalee. But G-d forbid our enlightened maiden or her progressive and tolerant parents be that judgmental.

I feel no sympathy for these people. We are all responsible for the natural consequences of our actions. If they won’t heed G-d, they should should heed the Gods (of Copybook Headings). Those who heed neither deserve all that is coming to them and more.

I wish I could say I felt sorry for her. But I don’t. I just feel a little deader inside. I can forgive evil. I can’t forgive stupidity. As far as I am concerned this girl signed her death warrant the day she bedded this haramzada. And then she and her parents signed a joint suicide pact.

When you think about it, this is almost a synechdoche of the West.

June 11

Alex P. writes:

“I know it was tough for him to be here because it’s such a different place,” Virginie Lamaute, a friend of Powers told CTV Ottawa.

If it’s THAT different for them in our countries, then maybe they don’t BELONG in our countries.

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