Liberal judge’s finesse to avoid death penalty in Knoxville

Dale F. writes:

When all else fails, liberals will resort to economic arguments. Knoxville trial judge Richard Baumgartner has granted the request of defense attorneys to instruct jurors in the sentencing of Lemaricus Davidson that execution is more expensive than life in prison.

Of course, the only reason this cost analysis might be correct is that death penalty opponents make it nearly impossible to execute anyone, regardless how heinous the crime and how certain the guilt.

Imagine that there were a study showing that execution is cheaper than life in prison. What howls of sanctimonious indignation would greet a judge who allowed prosecutors to cite such a study in order to persuade jurors to sentence a murderer to death!

LA replies:

Excellent observation. Economics is the cheap path to nihilism. Just as liberals claim that mass nonwhite immigration helps the economy or provides needed skilled workers, when their real purpose is to destroy white civilization, liberals claim that life in prison is less expensive than the death penalty, when their real purpose is to destroy the transcendent moral order that the death penalty represents.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 29, 2009 03:15 PM | Send

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