Neocons and Bushites pushing Romney as hard as they can

I pointed out yesterday the shockingly brutal language that Jennifer Rubin (formerly of Commentary, now of the Washington Post) and Lucianne Goldberg used against Newt Gingrich. Now Lucianne posts—as a special late-breaking news item at the top of her main page, in letters so big it’s as though Japan had just surrendered or men had just landed on the moon—what? A poll. A mere poll. A poll showing that Romney is doing well:

Late Breaking News!

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is surging

in South Carolina and now has a solid lead over his

rivals for the Republican presidential nomination,

according to a new CNN/Time/ORC poll released today.

At the same time, the neocons are also being very kind to Santorum. Why? Because he’s a one thousand percent enthusiast for American military intervention all over the world in the name of spreading goodness.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 06, 2012 12:38 PM | Send

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