Triage or death rattle? In last ditch effort to save House, Democrats are abandoning loyal progressives

An amazing story from the AP (via Lucianne):

Democrats abandon House progressives

As the election nears, the party throws its weight behind unreliable centrists

Grasping to keep control of Congress, Democratic leaders are turning their backs on some of their staunchest supporters in the House and propping up stronger candidates who have routinely defied them on health care, climate change and other major issues.

Raw politics—the drive to win a House-majority 218 seats, no matter how—is increasingly trumping policy and loyalty in these decisions, as Democrats shift money and attention in the closing days of the campaign toward races they can win and pull back from those seemingly lost.

The Democrats are shelling out $40 million in 59 congressional districts in the last three weeks of the campaign for TV advertising….

Feelings are being hurt along the way.

In a fundraising video in Ohio this week, Rep. Steve Driehaus lashed out at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for “walking away” from his race after he “had the guts” to cast tough votes for key measures. [cont.]

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