VFR on Giuliani

Here is a selection of VFR articles on Rudolph Giuliani’s lack of suitability for the presidency, going back to December 2002. In early 2007, when virtually the entire conservative establishment seemed to regard Giuliani as the inevitable nominee, and when many conservatives, including even “social conservatives for Giuliani,” were coming out in support of him, VFR posted one article after another insisting on Giuliani’s unfitness for the office. By the end of 2007, VFR’s one-time minority view had become a widely accepted view, and Giuliani’s once-high-flying campaign had sunk.

“Conservatives” want Rudy as President [I express shock that L-dotters want Rudy to be president, December 2002]

Hugh Hewett and the Hegelian Mambo [my 2004 e-mail to Hewitt deriding his fantasy that Giuliani would be the 2008 nominee.]

Rudymania [on Andrew McCarthy’s enthusiasm for Giuliani\

Giuliani, No

Yes, when you publicly humiliate your wife and the mother of your children, that may alienate your children

Why Giuliani’s personal behavior disqualifies him for the presidency [March 14, 2007]

The Rudy and Judi show [Rudy tells Barbara Walters he will include his wife in cabinet meetings.]

Rudy and Judi make even a libertarian go “ick”

Giuliani backer starts to see the Giuliani Problem (LA wrote: “Giuliani since leaving office at the beginning of 2001 has changed from the lean and hungry civic reformer he once was into a gross ego-balloon of a celebrity, attached at the hip to his grasping third wife with whom he’s infatuated and to whom he is evidently in thrall. His candidacy thus seems to be about Rudy and Judi and their drama rather than about the country and how he would lead it.”)

A reader disagrees with me on Giuliani

I wanna marry you, said Judi, to Rudy when they met

The Giuliani problem has become the NR problem

Giuliani then and Giuliani now

Despicable argument used by “Social Conservatives for Giuliani”

The truth of Giuliani’s record on terrorism [on Wayne Barrett’s devastating article]

Giuliani, in London, reveals his out-of-control ego

That cell-phone call reveals the essential Giuliani

There is, after all, a limit on when he’ll take a call from Judi

Giuliani’s amazing behavior [L-dotters respond to John Fund’s article on the cell phone calls]

When Judi calls, Rudy must pick up, or else

Republican establishment taking notice of Giuliani’s “weirdness”

Another neocon comes out for Giuliani

The neocons’ hometown paper goes all out for Giuliani’s wife

McCarthy vs. Auster on whether Giuliani’s behavior disqualifies him for the presidency

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