When he was 13, Belcher repeatedly beat up and threatened a white boy until the boy’s family were forced to move

When Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher put nine bullets in his girlfriend and then shot himself in front of his coaches three days ago, the first thing I said was:

The negrification of professonal sports, a process that has proceeded step by step with the thugification of professional sports, reached a sort of climax today…

That’s the sort of statement that has made me a non-person in contemporary American society and particularly in the mainstream conservative movement. Nevertheless, what I said was true, and, with regard to Belcher, was more true than I realized. Now we’re finding out how much of a thug Belcher really was. A radio caller to the Schnitt Show (Schnitt doesn’t seem to have a first name) has an amazing story about Jovan Belcher. Twelve years ago, when Belcher and the caller’s son were both 13 and attending the same school in West Babylon, New York, Belcher and a gang of his friends repeatedly beat up the caller’s son and threatened him with worse. The father complained to the school and the police. Nothing was done. The caller says that Belcher had an ability to appear like a choir boy in front of adults and no one would believe that he was a violent criminal. Finally, out of fear for their son’s life, the family moved from Long Island to Tampa, where they reside now. The caller says that his son was so traumatized by Belcher’s treatment of him that for years he became dangerous himself, as he would over-react to any perceived threat from others. However, in the last few years the son has gotten over the trauma, settled down and married, and now has children.

Needless to say, the major media have no clue about Belcher’s brutal past. (UPDATE: see the below-linked newspaper article about Belcher getting angry over a girl and breaking a window with his fist when he was at the University of Maine.)

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December 4, 3:00 p.m.

D. Edwards writes:

Here’s another story, from the Bangor Daily News:

Angry about woman, Jovan Belcher punched out window, gashed hand in 2006 UMaine incident

… During his four years as a student at UMaine, Belcher was confronted by police about two on-campus incidents involving a woman. No criminal charges were filed in either incident.

On April 1, 2006, Belcher suffered a serious cut on his hand when the then-freshman punched out a window in a ground-floor door at Androscoggin Hall on the UMaine campus, according to university police Sgt. Scott Curtis, who reported, “I was told that Belcher was upset over a girl.”

Joseph C. writes:

Regarding your post, the Schnitt referred to is Todd Schnitt, a local radio personality in Tampa.

LA replies:

I went to his page when I was preparing the entry, and saw no reference to a first name. He seems to call himself simply “Schnitt,” as though “Schnitt” were such a euphonious and distinctive surname he needs no first name.

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