Non-discrimination: the next frontier, part XXVII

Under Britain’s Sexual Orientation Regulations, there can be no discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the provision of goods and services in Great Britain. Period. No exceptions, not even for Catholic adoption services, which have been forced to go out of business if they are not willing to adopt to same-sex couples.

But here’s something even I hadn’t thought of.

Catholic mother’s fury after mental breakdown sees son fostered by gay couple
By Simon Mcgee
The Mail, 7th June 2009

A ten-year-old Catholic boy is being placed in the care of homosexual foster parents against the wishes of his religious mother.

The child, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is due to arrive tomorrow at his permanent new foster home, a hotel in Brighton run by a middle-aged male couple.

In the latest row over gay adoption and fostering, social workers at Brighton and Hove Council, which has full custody of the child, decided his long-term placement last month. [LA comments. Did you know—I didn’t—that the local Councils in Britain are in charge of placing children in foster homes, and have power to decide on the sex and sexual orientation of the foster parents? Obviously the Brighton and Hove Council is run by evil leftists who are doing this deliberately. Which raises the question: what turned so many of the British, a people once known for their modesty, civility, and sense of humor, into such ugly, hate-filled people? What can one say? It’s as old as Sodom and Gomorrah. Read Genesis 19. Has human nature changed in the last four thousand years?]

A religious mother is unhappy that her son is being fostered by a gay couple, as she feels they could ‘encourage him’ into a lifestyle that she does not agree with

A Catholic legal charity is representing the mother in an attempt to change the placement.

A devout Catholic, she has told friends she is worried about the environment in which her son will be placed and wants him fostered by a heterosexual couple, in line with her Church’s belief in the traditional family.

The boy was first placed in care a year ago when his mother suffered a mental breakdown, the result of an abusive marriage which has left her unable to look after him.

Described as ‘bright and lively’, he attends a faith school and is due to take his First Communion soon. He loves tennis and singing, and texts his mother some nights to let her know he has brushed his teeth and said his prayers.

The Thomas More Legal Centre, a Catholic legal charity, was instructed last week to represent the mother. Neil Addison, director of the centre, said: ‘We are advising her on her legal options and seeking to resolve the matter with the council by agreement.’

Her parish priest and her son’s headteacher are said to be deeply concerned.

The priest said: ‘This isn’t about a gay couple in a private home, this is about a gay couple running a hotel where they also live, where they cannot restrict who the child is going to meet. That’s my anxiety’.

His mother would not talk directly, but a fellow parishioner who is helping her through her ordeal said: ‘Both are Catholic. She is a committed Catholic, he has been baptised a Catholic and brought up by his mother as one.

‘She knows she is unwell and cannot cope with looking after him. All she wants is for him to be raised in a regular family atmosphere, by a man and a woman.

‘She would prefer a Catholic couple, but if that is not possible, at least a heterosexual one. But social services have given her no choice. She cannot understand how he can be looked after by two men she’s never met.

‘Her belief is that they could encourage him into a lifestyle that is against her religious beliefs.

‘The other day he asked her, “Mummy, are you lesbian or gay?” She had to tell him she was neither.’

Last night, a leading Catholic lawyer, who asked not to be named, said: ‘I have to ask, would a local authority put a ten-year-old atheist child into a devoutly Catholic home? I think not.

‘Or would it place a ten-year-old hijab-wearing devout Muslim girl with two gay men? Again, I think not.’

The lawyer added: ‘This local authority is clearly not taking account of this child’s cultural and religious identity, which it is obliged to do legally.’

The council, which has one of the highest rates of gay fostering and adoption in Britain, has told the mother the men who will foster her son are experienced, fully qualified and he will be well cared for.

But it was not prepared to answer questions about why it chose to place the child with same-sex foster parents against his mother’s wishes.

A spokesman said yesterday: ‘We will not comment on any issue relating to the welfare of a child in the care of the council.’

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