Knoxville trial defense consisted of smearing the victims

David B. writes:

On Monday, prosecutor Takisha Fitzgerald made a passionate call for justice in her closing argument in the second Knoxville torture-murder trial.

The defense attorneys have viciously slandered Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom as drug users hunting for dope. They claim that Channon had “consensual vaginal sex” with Lemaricus Davidson. There is no evidence whatsoever for this aside from highly dubious testimony from some friends and drug customers of Davidson’s.

The defense makes their closing argument this morning followed by a rebuttal by the prosecution. The jury then gets the case.

LA replies:

Who are the defense attorneys? What are their names? Why aren’t there limits on what things the defense can claim?

David B. replies:

The defense attorneys were appointed by the court and are Doug Trant and David Eldridge. They are supposed to be two of the best in Knoxville.

I have been told that there are few, if any, ethical limitations on a defense attorney.

LA replies:

A defense attorney is an officer of the court, operating under rules. It used to be that he could not say things he knew were untrue. That’s all gone now I guess.

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