Two more American female Eloi get themselves killed by nonwhites

In the previous entry, David B. mentioned the recent murder of Kirsten Brydum in New Orleans. Below is information I’ve found on her murder. Kirsten was a hippie type, a well-known activist in San Francisco, bicycling through a black neighborhood in New Orleans at 1:30 a.m. In one of the items about Kirsten, I came upon a reference to the recent murder of another young white American woman, Marcella “Sali” Grace Eiler, in Oaxaca, Mexico, and I’ve found news articles on that as well.

Kirsten and Sali are but the latest representatives of the seemingly endless supply of naive, often idealistic, or simply reckless young white women who put themselves in dangerous situations, often with nonwhite men, and get themselves killed.

By the way, if the Darwinian theory of the survival of the fittest were true, wouldn’t the constant murders of suicidally naive young white women result in a marked decrease in the number of suicidally naive young white women in the population? Yet there seem to be as many of them as ever, indeed more than ever. Another strike against Darwinism.

Here is the story on Kirsten Brydum’s death in the San Francisco Chronicle:

S.F. activist slain in New Orleans robbery
Steve Rubenstein, Chronicle Staff Writer
Friday, October 3, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO‚€”To Kirsten Brydum, a passionate 25-year-old community activist from San Francisco, one person’s junk was another’s treasure.

Brydum, who wanted to change the world, certainly changed Dolores Park. Because of her, there is something called the Really, Really Free Market. People bring their rummage to the park on the last Saturday of the month and give it away. Nobody gets any money and everyone walks away a little richer. That was how she liked it.

She loved the freedom of far-flung travel and of cycling. On Saturday, while cycling after midnight in New Orleans after spending Friday evening in a dance club, she was shot in the head and killed in an apparent robbery, police said. Her killer remains at large.

For two days her body lay in the New Orleans morgue, unidentified. Her killer had apparently taken Brydum’s wallet, identification and bicycle. On Monday, Brydum’s parents, Steen and Mamie Brydum of Orange County, and her friends in San Francisco found out the news.

“She was a woman with a huge heart and a huge brain, compassionate and wise beyond her years,” said a friend, San Francisco lawyer Ben Rosenfeld.

Two months ago, Brydum left San Francisco to tour the United States, with an Amtrak train pass in her pocket, in search of what she liked to call “collective autonomy”‚€”her term for strangers helping strangers for free.

In Manhattan, she spent a long time examining trash bins, marveling at the useable stuff that New Yorkers threw away. In St. Paul, Minn., she marched in protests outside the Republican National Convention. In Philadelphia, she visited an urban farm and talked to housing activists. A week ago, she got on a train to Louisiana.

“Right now I’m rolling into New Orleans,” she wrote last Thursday on her blog. “I really don’t know what to expect. An old friend of a new friend offered to pick me up from the station and get me to the house of another friend of a friend. The sun is setting on the bayou-licked lands and I am truly fortunate.”

That was the last any of her friends was to hear from her. Two days later, her body was found on a sidewalk in a tough section of the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, about 3 miles northeast of the French Quarter.

Her friends, writing on a memorial Web site (, recalled her love of midnight canoe rides, constructive anarchy and a well-patched pair of jeans.

“She was totally committed to fixing things in the world that are wrong,” said her friend John Viola, “from little things, like making sure a lost baby squirrel was cared for by animal rescue, to giant things, like confronting capitalism.”

A funeral will be held Saturday in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles County). Plans for a memorial service in San Francisco are pending.

E-mail Steve Rubenstein at

Here is a discussion page on Kristen’s murder with a couple of pungent comments, and with the second comment quoting a bunch of other comments:

Posted by zenviolin on 10/03/08 at 1:32PM

This is just one more reason to be disturbed by what is going on in New Orleans. Being an aging hippie freak myself, Kirsten’s mindset is well known to me. The responsibility for her murder should fall directly on whichever one of her “friends” loaned her a bike and told her it was safe to ride home from Howlin Wolf alone at 1:30 a.m. New Orleans is not some happy, hippy place to rebuild and fall in love. It is a battle zone and the sooner that fact is recognized, the sooner the people can move from denial to rebuilding.

Posted by endo1911 on 10/03/08 at 11:26PM

I somewhat agree with zenviolin.

To any of Ms. Brydum’s friends surfing to this site, New Orleans is indeed a battle zone. The thought of riding a bicycle alone in this city at 1:30 in the morning goes well beyond my ability to fathom.

While her “friends” may not have done her any favors‚€”zen‚€”they certainly are not to blame. Blame rests squarely on the evil sub-human predator that killed her. I am deeply troubled that people grow up to realize that that sort of evil exists, particularly in New Orleans.

I actually learned about this by reading the gng forum over at

I’ll share a few of the quotes:

Rotn1: “Hell of a way to find out your basic principles and outlook are wrong.”

Aurora: “Activists have a tendency to forget that many of the people they’re trying to help are sick. In many respects, their belief in the inherent goodness of humanity is both their greatest strength and their greatest weakness.”

Line Rider: “”IF you look like prey, you will be eaten. “

DWP21: “Why would someone be stupid enough to do what she did?

I wouldn’t go down there by myself at night and I’m big and ugly and carry a gun. Evidently America is lacking common sense.”

Clyde in CO: “I’m not going to mince words because some granola muncher went to the third world and got herself killed.”

blackbmw: ” So maybe we can understand that we cant help the people that do not want help now after some good samaritan was brutally murdered trying to make a better life for these scum bastards”

Here’s a page about friends mourning Kirsten, which includes this:

Kirsten’s death follows closely after news of the murder of another young activist, Marcella “Sali” Grace Eiler, in Oaxaca. Those who knew Kirsten have been invited to grieve and to honor her and support one another.

Looking up Marcella Sali Grace Eiler, I found this at the San Jose Mercury News:

Police in Mexico arrest alleged killer of US woman
By OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ Associated Press Writer

MEXICO CITY‚€”Authorities in southern Oaxaca state said Saturday they have arrested a man who allegedly raped and killed a U.S. woman.

Omar Yoguez Singu, 32, told police he had consensual sex with Marcella Grace Eiler, 20, of Eugene, Oregon, and then killed her with a machete after an argument on Sept. 15, Oaxaca State Attorney General Evencio Ramirez said.

Eiler’s badly decomposed body was found Wednesday in a shack 80 miles south of Oaxaca City, near the town of San Jose del Pacifico.

Ramirez said Singu was turned over to police on Wednesday in Mexico City by friends who first beat him up after he confessed to the crime.

Eiler’s father, John Eiler, of St. Louis, Missouri, said his daughter was a dance teacher and social activist in Oaxaca City, where she had lived on and off for the past three years.

“She was really trying to spend her energy as an observer for an indigenous rights organization,” John Eiler said in a telephone interview.

Eiler had traveled to San Jose del Pacifico to dance at a fundraiser, said Miguel Cruz of Oaxaca’s Popular Indigenous Council, an organization with which he said Eiler had worked since 2007.

She also had lived for about a month with the family of a witness in the killing of Bradley Roland Will, a volunteer for, Cruz said. Will was fatally shot in October 2006 in Oaxaca City while filming protests by activists demanding the ouster of the state’s governor.

Will’s family said last year that they believed state officials were probably involved in his killing. State investigators arrested two town officials in 2006 but later released them after then-state Attorney General Lizbeth Cana suggested Will may have been shot by a protester.

Cruz said Eiler had complained that police in civilian clothes often sat in a parked car outside the witness’s family’s house and that they followed her.

Calls to Oaxaca’s state police department were not answered Saturday.

“We’re asking authorities to conduct an efficient and transparent investigation and that they not taint her image because she dedicated herself to defending the rights of women and of indigenous people,” Cruz said in a telephone interview.

John Eiler said his daughter’s remains would be cremated and returned to the United States.

Then this at Wikipedia, which leaves out the sex:

Marcella “Sali” Grace Eiler (September 30, 1987‚€”September 15, 2008) was an American social activist from Eugene, Oregon who was murdered in Mexico two weeks before her 21st birthday. For the last three years of her life, she had been living and working intermittently in Oaxaca’s provincial capital, Oaxaca de Ju√°rez, as a dance teacher and social activist, and acted as an observer for an indigenous rights organization.

Eiler’s body was found on September 24, 2008 near the Oaxaca town of San Jos√© del Pacifico, where she had arrived to dance at a fundraiser. Newspapers reported that after Mexico City resident Omar Yoguez Singu was forced by friends to admit that he had killed Eiler with a machete, they beat him and oversaw his delivery into police custody. As of September 26, his case was being administered by Oaxaca’s attorney general.

Some observers have suggested that Eiler’s murder was related to a systematic repression of social movements in Mexico, and particular targeting of international observers.

Also this (there’s a photo of her at the page). Here the suggestion is made that she was killed for political reasons. However, the killer’s confession in the San Jose Mercury account indicates otherwise.

Marcella “Sali” Grace Eiler Raped and Murdered in Oaxaca

Tue Sep 30 2008 (Updated 10/01/08)

Hasta Siempre Sally: Another US Activist Murdered in Oaxaca

Marcella “Sali” Grace Eiler, a solidarity activist with the struggle in Oaxaca and Chiapas, was found dead on September 24th in a deserted cabin twenty minutes from the village of San Jose del Pacifico, Oaxaca, Mexico. She was brutally raped and murdered.

Sali, born in Eugene, Oregon, USA, was always inclined to help. She used her artistic talents to paint, Arabic dancing to raise funds for the struggle, put on punk shows, published photos on indymedia, gave self-defense courses to women, and much more. Sali was also an international accompanier for people in Oaxaca who felt harassed by the Oaxacan government of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

On different occasions and to different people, Sali mentioned that recently she had suffered political persecution and surveillance in Oaxaca. Many people believe that her murder is part of the widespread repression against the social movement and directed particularly at international observers. Because of this, it is believed that the intellectual authors of Sali’s killing are the same who ordered the repression against the people of Oaxaca in their struggle for justice and freedom.

On September 30th, the day Sali would have turned 21, a march was held in Oaxaca demanding justice for Sali and an end to violence against women. (Photos)

- end of initial entry -

Paul K. writes:

These are very sad, sorry tales. Among self-defense oriented folks, there’s a survival mantra: “Don’t go to stupid places. Don’t hang out with stupid people. Don’t do stupid things.” Observance of these rules would save most people from a violent death, but it takes a certain realism to understand the concept of “stupid.” To the liberal, the stupid is synonymous with the good.

Two things in Sali’s story popped out at me: she “gave self-defense courses to women,” and, after her murder, “a march was held in Oaxaca demanding justice for Sali and an end to violence against women.” Both are examples of the delusional mentality we’re dealing with.

I get a newsletter put out by retired Border Patrol agents which summarizes the day’s crime news from Mexico. It’s called the M3 Report.

To read this newsletter is to understand fully that south of our border lies an abyss of violence and anarchy. Here is an item from yesterday:

El Universal (Mexico City) 10/22/08 A confrontation between hired killers yesterday afternoon in Juarez resulted in three deaths. Nothing particularly newsworthy there. But the significant issue is that now Mexico’s toll of deaths linked to organized crime has reached four thousand so far this year, a historic record. The last one thousand deaths have taken place in 48 days. The first one thousand deaths of the year took place in 114 days, the next one thousand in 72. But seventy days later, it reached three thousand.<<

Evidently, more marches against violence are needed!

Mexico is a stupid place. There are many stupid people there. Going there is a stupid thing to do.

LA writes:

A blog called Xavier Thoughts has a long, condemnatory article on Kirsten Brydum’s lifestyle (traveling around the country living off the kindness of strangers) and choices that led to her murder. It’s tougher on her than I was.

Andrew W. writes:

I just finished reading through the comments following the post on the Xavier Thoughts blog you linked to. Most of the comments are sensible (she was an extremely foolish girl), but some are the most INSANE things I have ever read. Several posters have speculated that this was a CIA hit!

SF Activist said…

Kirsten’s death looks more like a hit job rather than a random act of murder. New Orleans is still a militarized zone and it’s quite possible she was targeted by hired guns.

An update on the police investigation would be welcomed by all of us in the activist community.

Anonymous said…

If you look at the CIA handbook, their choices for assassination techniqes often mimic accidents and seemingly random murder. Of course it is easier to mimic random violence in regions where random violence is expected, as the probability of it being random violence is thus easier to believe by the masses.

It is difficult for anyone on the outside or even close friends of the victim to tell the difference between real random violence and CIA mimicry of random violence, and thus the CIA continues to use this method, especially in the USA where outright assassinations are more difficult to do.

The idea that the CIA would not target a good person like Kirsten shows profound ignorance of how our government operates. The CIA targets people precisely because they are good people and thus enemies of the wicked corporatist system!

All the skeptics who are convinced that this “must be random violence” need to study up on the CIA methods and tactics, especially the accidents, suicides and random violence mimicry.

The CIA training manual was recently declassified, and activists need to be aware of what methods the CIA uses against their targets. The line about accidents can also apply to random violence mimicry.

“2. Accidents.

For secret assassination, either simple or chase, the contrived accident is the most effective technique. When successfully executed, it causes little excitement and is only casually investigated.”

Please be aware, safe and vigilant. If activists are having an impact, this could be start of a response from the government. Until there is proof of random violence, consider that other options exist. Do not be afraid, only watchful and careful.

Anonymous said…

If you know anything about the government’s history you know that they have assassinated and tortured people before (I’ve actually heard members of the Black Panther Party in person describing their FBI/COINTELPRO incarceration and torture) and of course the deaths of Malcom X, Martin Luther King, J.F.K., Che Guevara, etc. etc. down the very long list are clear examples of how the movement has been deterred through assassinations and the same questions came up then as they do now.

Terry said…

The Republican controlled CIA comitted this murder. It is easy to see if you will just open your mind.

1) the murder was a head shot several times over (very unlikely for a mugging/gang violence) 2) Kirsten was uniting the anarchist movement across the country which is a very big threat to the government being this is the key to the movement as a whole (unification in struggle). If people don’t know that they are being very ignorant of class consciousness and historical struggles against any oppressor (look at slave rebellions for an example) 3) it is extremely difficult to picture Kirsten provoking any sort of violence or mugging. Anarchists are peace loving, and she had a long history of helping people.

4) this all happened within the same week of the stock market crash and $700 billion bailout plans. Capitalism was heading for a collapse and so those that are in power are very afraid right now (just watch Bush’s speech)

4) this happened in the wake of another activist murder in the same week (or at least very close) who was actually saying she was being spied on before she died.

5) this is also in the same time period of a nation-wide raiding of Food Not Bombs and anarchist collectives all over the country (since before and after the RNC).

6) if you look at McCain’s name you will see it’s a anagram for CIA.

7) McCain is desperate to win the White house and he learned all kinds of Viet cong tricks while a prisoner.

Our government has tortured and assasinated people before. Why do you think it would be any different with this peace loving person?

To be fair, that last comment seems a bit too over the top to be real. Is this the height of liberal delusion? If these comments are to be believed, you can easily see how it happens that young girls like Brydum stray into bad neighborhoods late at night. Sainted minorities never harm people, only the omnipotent and evil Right does.

October 25

Joe I. writes:

I am originally from South Louisiana. Crime is well-known in New Orleans even in broad daylight in the French Quarter—pickpockets are legendary.

However, any white person going into any black New Orleans neighborhood at any time of the day is asking to get assaulted, robbed or killed. This is not some secret out of nowhere.

To go into such neighborhoods after midnight, a white person has probably a 50-50 chance of not coming out alive.

A new line for us: “Liberalism will get you killed.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 23, 2008 09:30 PM | Send

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