Mark K. writes:

I’m shocked. Shocked, I say. I’m shocked.

I’m shocked that Obama did not hear the Wright sermons. I’m shocked that he did hear the Wright sermons. Shocked … I’m shocked that the Anglican minister is shocked and his wife is shocked also. Randomly attacked—how shocking. We’re all shocked. Everything is shocking to everybody everyday. Shocked I say. We’re being shocked and it’s shocking. Wasn’t the Spitzer story shocking? How shocked was I? Very shocked. We were all shocked, shocked I say. Randomly shocked. Shocked by random acts. Shocked by random acts that shock us by a species that has come into existence by random mutations. So shocked each and everyday that this shocking randomness has become shockingly predictable and unrandom. Shock it to me baby! Let’s go get shocked.

As a serious note to Mark’s hilarious (and true) monologue, check out my collection of articles on “Shock”—liberals’ normal response to the non-liberal reality they refuse to acknowledge.

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Stewart W. writes:

I’ve been bothered by the use of “shocked”, or it’s sibling “stunned” for years. I can never get the image out of my head of someone who is actually shocked: Tunnel vision, dizzyness, ears ringing, fumbling for a chair, “Put your head between your knees! Breathe! Breathe!” everytime one of these delicate orchids is exposed to unfiltered reality.

What pathetic drama queens these people must be, when they constantly resort to such silly hyperbole to describe their reactions to daily events.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 17, 2008 02:50 PM | Send

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