Blacks, janitorial work, and racial insults

In the preceding entry, “Oh racism card, where is thy sting”?, I’ve added the following comment about the famous Juan Williams / Newt Gingrich exchange in last night’s debate, in which Williams said that Gingrich had insulted blacks by suggesting that young black men work as janitors:

… here’s another odd thing about it. On one hand, America is obsessed with black dysfunction, black low academic achievement, black criminality, black unemployment, lack of a black work ethic, lack of black family formation, black overall failure, etc., and what to do to solve these problems.

On the other hand, if a Republican politician reasonably suggests that it would be a good thing for young black men to gain work experience and a work ethic by starting in a humble job like janitor, that is seen as an insult to blacks! The implication being that blacks are all so well-functioning and successful that it would be beneath them to be janitors!

So which is it, Mr. Williams? Are there indeed serious problems with black functionality and black employment, as the liberal media are constantly telling us, or are blacks so talented and accomplished that it’s an insult to suggest that they start at modest jobs?

If Gingrich had made this argument to Williams, it would have been even more sensational.

The discussion continues in the original entry.

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