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I repeat something I’ve said before. If you read VFR regularly, I recommend that you use Firefox 3 (I have Firefox 3.5, but I think any “3” version would be the same), as the site looks infinitely better in Firefox 3 than in Internet Explorer or in Firefox 2. It’s like night and day.

Correction, March 13: The good view in Firefox 3 that I was talking about is not the default view of Firefox 3 but the default view enlarged by pressing Ctrl+(+) four times. I had not realized that this was the enlarged view, because it remains that way, by itself, so it had appeared to be the default view. In Firefox 2, each time I load a new page (unless by directly clicking on a link), the zoom of the new page returns to the default zoom and I have to press Ctrl+(+) twice to get back the zoom I like. But in Firefox 3, the enlarged zoom that the user selects remains the default zoom no matter how many new pages are loaded. So it’s not a superior default view that makes Firefox 3 better than Firefox 2, but the fact that the user-selected zoom becomes the default zoom and doesn’t have to be chosen over and over.

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