Sherrod affair

I missed the beginning of this story and have not had the time to get into it as new quotations from Sherrod emerged and the controversy kept evolving. If someone has an article or group of articles that contains all the relevant quotations in their correct sequence and context, that would save me the trouble of researching the story from scratch.

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Doug E. writes:

Here’s a decent summary. Excerpt:

Media Matters has published a timeline on their website of the chain of events, although they get a few things wrong and left out others, it’s good enough to prove my point. They start things off on Monday at 11:18am EDT when Breitbart posted seven video clips from Sherrod’s speech at a NAACP conference in March of this year. Several blogs picked up the story subsequently, but the King of News Websites, The Drudge Report, didn’t post it until just before 5 pm.

By that time, Sherrod had already resigned. Furthermore, the first mention of the story on the Fox News Channel was around 8:48 pm EDT during the Bill O’Reilly’s show. The aforementioned Glenn Beck, who’s show airs three hours earlier at 5 pm, did not mention it at all on Monday. When Glenn did mention it on Tuesday, he defended Shirley Sherrod, saying that the White House, USDA, and the NAACP, all jumped the gun and overreacted before having all the facts.

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