Despite the horrible “music” and other accompaniments, still the greatest game in the world

I spent the afternoon in the rain at Yankee Stadium, watching a game against the Baltimore Orioles. It was a slow game, with an unbelievable number of pitcher changes, and with deafening rock and rap music shaking the stadium during each of the innumerable pauses in the game, always accompanied by live or taped gigantic videos of fans boogying idiotically, all the while with the rain falling and a strong wind coming in from left field. As we were leaving at the end of the eight inning because of the worsening rain, the rain stopped and we took good seats just above the third base line where we saw the ninth inning, and then the tenth and 11th innings. In the bottom of the eleventh, the Orioles were up 5 to 4, the Yankees had a baserunners on first and third with two outs. The game ended on an exciting, unusual play, with the Baltimore shortstop diving all-out for a line drive that bounced out of his glove a few feet away from him, he got off the ground, picked the ball up and tossed it to the second baseman just in time to get the Yankee baserunner coming from first. If the Baltimore shortstop had failed to get the out, the Yankee baserunner on third would have scored, tying the game.

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