In Liberal World, the human cost of making the slightest “misstatement” about blacks

Last week we discussed how 23-year-old triple jumper Voulu Papachristou was instantly expelled from Greece’s Olympics team for a slightly off-color joke about Africans that did not actually say anything bad about anyone. Her profound apology did not result in the punishment being removed.

She gave her reactions to Reuters on July 26:

“I have not slept at all and to be honest I am still trying to come to terms with what has happened,” she told Reuters. “I am trying to stay calm otherwise I would lose control.

“I am thankful to my coach and family and so many other people who have stuck by me…. After so many years of hurt and sacrifices to try and get to my first Olympics I am very bitter and upset. But what has upset me the most is the excessive reaction and speed of the disciplinary decision.

“I don’t know if they want to make an example out of me because of my profile, this is for others to judge, but what I believe is that they used their maximum disciplinary power on me for this,” Papachristou said. “They went straight to the final stage in excluding me from the team, which was highly excessive.”

In American terms, they went immediately to the nuclear option, because her harmless joke concerned blacks. It’s not just in America that blacks are the Most Protected Group; they are the Most Protected Group in the entire Western world, even in countries, such as Greece, that have historically had no involvement with blacks or with black Africa (though many African immigrants have recently entered Greece), and therefore no apparent reason to have such a deep-seated, explosive sensitivity about any possible insult to blacks. It would thus appear that it’s not the history of each individual nation (e.g. American slavery and discrimination, British and French colonialism) that pushes it to treat blacks as sacred objects, but the shared ideology of the West as a whole. We live not just in Black-Run America, but in Black-Run World.

Henceforth every person living in Europe and the Anglo-sphere, and perhaps beyond, must understand this. If you have a mainstream position, job, or career and don’t want it to be irretrievably damaged, you must not say anything in public under your own name that is in the slightest degree negative about blacks or that could be construed as being in the slightest degree negative about blacks. You must also not utter the slightest criticism of this tyranny, since the code protecting blacks is as sacred as blacks themselves. Only people who are outside the mainstream (or who conceal their identity) are in a position to challenge this tyranny.

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Alexis Zarkov writes:

In my opinion, the Greek Olympic team expelled Voulu Papachristou because of her support for the Golden Dawn political party, and not her mildly offensive tweet. That lame joke all by itself should not have caused such a severe punishment. Critics refer to Golden Dawn as “far right,” and neo-Nazi, and while these accusations are often exaggerations, or outright lies, in the case of Golden Dawn, they are accurate. One look at their party flag leaves little doubt. Their program and thuggish street behavior confirms the symbolism. The Greek team and the IOC must maintain the fiction that the Olympics are non-political, so they couldn’t expel Papachristou just because of her politics. The tweet provided an opportunity to get rid of her, and they took it.

LA replies:
But that doesn’t make sense. The Golden Dawn is a political party, running in elections. Membership is not illegal.

Alexis Zarkov writes:

While legal, Golden Dawn is still a pariah party in both Greece and Europe, and it has a very bad image. In a televised round table discussion, Golden Dawn Party Deputy Ilias Kasidiaris punched Liana Kanelli from the Communist KKE party several times, and then fled the studio. Watch it here. I have to wonder why Papachristou would lend her support to a bunch of thugs. This does not speak well of her. The legality of Golden Dawn is irrelevant. What matters is what people think of them.

LA replies:

If she hadn’t twittered the joke, would she have been expelled from the team?

Mr. Zarkov replies:

Probably not. As I said, the Olympics is supposed to be above politics. They needed an excuse, and she gave them one. On the job, have seen high level managers fired something that would ordinarily get ignored. The real reason was office politics or personal conflicts.

Stewart W. writes:

It seems that poor Miss Papachristou is being punished not only for making a joke desecrating our holiest-of-holies, but that she may, somehow, have once sent out “nationalist” tweets. According to this article in the Guardian, she sent out a tweet that “reportedly praised the Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, hoping he continues to be ‘truthful.’”

Although harmless but tasteless jokes may be enough to damage your career, my suspicion is that being associated with Golden Dawn is really what brought Sauron’s full gaze upon her. It shows not that she is clueless or ill-informed in the leftist mind, but that she is actively the enemy, and must be swiftly and utterly destroyed.

My only hope is that this will backfire on the left, since to all the normal and moderate people out there, an attractive young Olympic athlete makes a pretty sympathetic figure when she is so abused in public. They’ve certainly managed to provide Golden Dawn with plenty of free international press.

Mark A. writes:

This isn’t a comment particular to this thread per se, but I wanted to ask you:

Have you ever read a story about blacks beating up white people in Russia? I have never seen one story about it. Moreover, I haven’t seen a story about it in any post Soviet-bloc country. There must be some black people living there, no?

LA replies:

Well, I was wondering something along those lines when I spoke of how no one in the “West” could say anything about blacks; I was thinking that that probably wasn’t true about Russia, and Eastern Europe generally. But at the same time a lot of the Eastern Europeans want to be included in the EU, NATO, etc., which means they have to be willing to be liberal. So I left it unresolved as to whether I was speaking of Western Europe or Europe as a whole.

Buck writes:

Alexis Zarkov writes:

In a televised round table discussion, Golden Dawn Party Deputy Ilias Kasidiaris punched Liana Kanelli from the Communist KKE party several times, and then fled the studio. Watch it here.

Kasidiaris is a pig. He should be charged with some level of assault for throwing a glass of water into the face of the first woman. The woman that he slapped threw a newspaper at him, maybe in his face. The video isn’t clear. Kasidiaris clearly pushed then slapped her, then slapped at her two more times. But, he never appeared to punch her.

He’s unstable and violent, and should be prosecuted.

Nazis versus Communists; I noticed that he couldn’t come from his left, all the damage came from his right.

Mark Eugenikos writes:

Mark A. asked: “Have you ever read a story about blacks beating up white people in Russia? I have never seen one story about it. Moreover, I haven’t seen a story about it in any post Soviet-bloc country. There must be some black people living there, no?”

In short, no, not really. Apart from a tiny number of diplomats from African countries and university students from those same countries, there are no black people in Eastern Europe. Where would have they come from, and when? Eastern Europe has no history of importing African slaves or colonialism, so there has never be any mass scale population movement of Africans to those lands. The dark peoples you do find in Eastern Europe are the Gypsies, and in Russia there are also their own internal migrants from the “stans” and North Caucasus.

Eastern Europe has softened up, especially the countries that are in EU, but it is still far from suicidal levels of self-hate one finds in UK. Therefore any serious messing with the locals by the outsiders would likely result in a stiff self-organized response by the locals. Would you really want to cross Russian mafia on their turf?

July 31

Daniel W. writes:

I think the real meat in the Papachristou story is the Hellenic Olympic Committee’s intentionally reducing their nation’s chances of winning a medal in the women’s triple jump by removing a promising athlete from the team. Greece would rather sacrifice an Olympic medal (a source of national pride) than risk offending blacks. Of course, this assumes that the young woman stood a chance of winning, but why send her otherwise?

Sacred objects, indeed. Weren’t Olympic medals a form of sacred objects in another time? Physical competition is now a secondary reason for European countries to compete in the games. Their primary purpose is to parade smiling, well-behaved Third Worlders carrying tiny flags in the opening ceremony—the more, the merrier.

LA replies:

Exactly. The primary meaning of the Olympics is as a celebration of the liberal, globalist religion of man.

August 1

Daniel W. replies:

Yes, I find it interesting that amidst all the hubbub about whether the Hellenic Olympic Commitee was right or wrong to punish Miss Papachristou, no one seems to have questioned whether it was right or wrong of them to punish Greece by denying the nation a chance to feel pride at a civic achievement (or whatever it is that nations once felt when they produced a fine athlete).

That they did this in deference to the very foreigners currently infiltrating their society comes as no surprise.

Thank you for hosting the only sane discussion I’ve read so far on the subject.

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