A year of Obama stating over and over and over and over with absolute certainty and unchanging modulation that a health care bill will be passed

Paul K. writes:

The left-wing Talking Point Memo site has put together a reel of Obama in 2009 repeatedly saying that he was confident that his health-care plan would be passed before the end of the year. It’s schadenfreudelicious.

In one of the clips, Obama makes a rather prescient slip, which I quote from the transcript:

OBAMA: Senator Whitehouse said this isn’t a Harry and Louise moment, it’s a Thelma and Louise moment.


OBAMA: We’re in the car headed towards a cliff and we must act.

Now, I just want to be clear, if you actually saw the movie, they did drive over the cliff.


OBAMA: So just want to be clear, that’s not our intention here.

But, as it turns out, it was IN FACT a “Thelma and Louise” moment as the Democrats drove right off the cliff—or should I say, “precipice.”

LA replies:

Paul is referring to the moment last month (it’s at just past 4:00 in the video) when Obama, meeting with Congressional leaders at the White House, said, “We are on the precipice of an achievement that has eluded presidents and Congresses for generations.” Indeed they were on the precipice of an unprecedented achievement: a President and a Congressional majority, acting more like movie monsters than elected representatives, were trying to ram down the throats of the American people a horrible bill that deeply disturbed and frightened much of the country, until finally the country struck back and dealt that President and that Congressional majority a blow to their power and their projects unlike anything we’ve seen in historical memory.

So, last spring Obama did the “Thelma and Louise” slip, and in December he did the “precipice” slip. Thelma and Louise. Obama and the Dems. Harry and Nancy. Over the cliff.

And everyone thought that Freud was defunct.

Paul K. writes:

I have to wonder how he recovers from this. He looks so foolish, trying to bulldoze ahead, talking about fighting when what he’s fighting is popular opinion.

Glenn Beck had a good line on his show yesterday. He said that after his loss of the House in 1994, Clinton said, “America, I heard you.” But after this week’s loss, Obama said, “America, you’re not hearing me.”

LA replies:


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