Another view of local self-defense by Muslim and South Asian minorities

The blogger at Witterings from Whitney writes (I’ve slightly edited for punctuation and syntax):

Having put forward comments on rioting and looting, coupled with observations about people defending their own, much to the disapproval of the “authorities,” I am humbled by a comment on my post “Control of the people”—one that is worthy of reproduction:

Many commentators in the MSM are elated that communities such as Sikhs, Kurds, Turks, and Muslims in general organised themselves to defend their community. At first sight, this is re-assuring. But, on further thought, what we are seeing is that these communities were not defending England and its culture, but territory they now regard as their own. That territory then becomes Sikh or Islamic as the case may be—in effect, the Balkanisation of England. The same is likely to happen in many European countries.

I’m critical of the police setting themselves against the proposition that communities organise their own defence, as I support the idea of community self-defence if it is defending the national values as a whole. But in the present circumstance that proposition leads to furthering and legitimising the Balkanisation of England.

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