An anti-memory hole exercise

Now that the story has been dropped, it’s easy to forget that just three days ago the media were still trying to scare the bejeezus out us about the radiation in Japan. Here’s an e-mail from an Indian living in the West that I received on March 19:

You wrote:

“With regard to Shepard Smith, the man is a whore. His entire on-camera persona, in addition to what he says, radiates whoredom.”

I agree with this assessment. If anything, this past week has shown FOX News for what it really is—it is puerile tabloid television posing as the only “conservative” voice in America.

They had some “physicist” on FOX who was saying that the radiation out of Fukushima will soon reach California. This kind of reporting has prompted ill-informed and easily misguided people to load up their bodies with potassium iodide. This far more harmful than any imaginary radiation that it is meant to repulse. We only have the likes of Shepherd Smith and FOX “News” to thank for this.

By comparison, the Japanese news channels like NHK TV have been remarkably sober and very informative. The Japanese have really shown us why they deserve the entire world’s respect during this crisis. The idiots in the Western press who say that Japan cannot recover from this disaster never read any history. While this has been a horrible tragedy, it is nothing compared to the destruction inflicted on Japan during WWII from which it rose like a phoenix out of the ashes.

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