The Jewish expression for what Weiner did

James N. writes:

When I lived in Brooklyn, I had a lot of Yiddish and Yinglish-speaking neighbors. For something extra-shameful, there was an expression I haven’t heard in 30 years—“It’s not just a shandeh, it’s a shandeh on a Honda.”

That’s the right description for what Weiner did—it’s a “shandeh on a Honda”

LA replies:
What’s the most shameful thing he did—sending the photos, or lying about it?

James N. replies:

Doing it was worse than lying.

Everybody lies about sex.:-)

I’m actually quite distressed by all the comments, in the NYT and elsewhere, following the line, “it’s between him and his wife, it’s just sex, the Europeans are so much more sophisticated, blah, blah, blah.”

This extends the “it’s just about sex” defense to various paraphilias and doesn’t appear to have a natural limit (I mean, what’s next?)

LA replies:

Well, that’s what I’m always saying—that liberalism is about lack of limits.

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