Stanley Cup victory in Los Angeles

Stephen T. writes:

Every time the L.A. Lakers win (or lose) a championship game, black and mestizo thugs rampage through the streets breaking windows, rocking cars and setting police cruisers on fire. Well, there was another L.A. championship victory parade today and not a single incident. It was the L.A. Kings HOCKEY team that just won the Stanley Cup. A peaceful, well-behaved crowd, no arrests. and a splendid time was had by all.

Hmmm, I wonder why that would be?

Well, I certainly can’t see any particular reason, can you?

Nope, not a thing.

LA replies:

The photo linked by Stephen is an exciting 360 degree panorama of the victory parade which you can rotate horizontally and vertically. Meaning that the photo is more than 360 degrees, in two dimensions. It’s in three dimensions.

- end of initial entry -

Ken H. writes:

Is this the first year that Stephen T. has been following hockey? Because at the end of last year’s Stanley Cup, this is what happened.

Johann Happolati writes:

To follow up on Ken H.’s message, note that Vancouver has almost no blacks or Hispanics—it’s roughly half white and half South-and-East Asian (data).

Here’s one of the more amusing images from the riot.

It wasn’t the first time, either. Vancouverites also rioted in 1994 when we lost to New York in the final game of the playoffs.

Not that either of these riots were nearly as spectacular as, say, the Rodney King riots. Also, occasional riots aside, Vancouver is one of the safest cities you could ask for. There’s nowhere in Vancouver I would be afraid to wander about after dark. Honestly, I kind of like the riots, as they prove we have a bit of spirit in us.

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