British member of European Parliament attacks EU

Nigel Farage, a UKIP member of the European Parliament, is being fined 3,000 euros for insulting the president of the European Council. The story is at The Brussels Journal. In his outspoken remarks on the floor of the European Parliament (see YouTube), Farage expresses his complete lack of respect for the European Union, its obscure, unaccountable leaders, and its agenda of extinguishing the nation states of Europe.

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Kilroy M. writes:

I’m sorry but this chap displayed a total lack of class. His remarks were unnecessarily personal and unbecoming of the conservative he professes to be. Please don’t get me wrong—I admire him for his many other “outbursts” in the EU “parliament” (such as the one in which he exposed the distressing number of Central European “former” communists in the present EU hierarchy). But his latest was, or should be, an embarrassment to us.

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