Obama’s Gnostic Genesis

Given (a) the continuing disintegration of Global Warmism, and (b) the continuing distintegration of Barack Obamism (combined, paradoxically, with the simultaneous hypertrophy of Barack Obamism), a brief blog entry from June 2008, “Republicans keep careening toward a disaster they are unwilling to avoid,” should be of interest. The initial entry deals with candidate McCain’s embrace of Global Warmism, and how this took away a key issue from the conservatives who supported him. Then there is a comment by Terry Morris about Obama’s gnostic (to use the term we’ve been emphasizing lately) re-creation of the universe, that same re-creation that is now falling apart before our eyes. I’m copying the comment here:

Terry Morris wrote:

You wrote: “…as he threateningly pledged last week, to ‘remake’ America.”

You’ve obviously taken Obama’s pledge all wrong. A god-like figure such as Obama does not “threateningly” pledge to do anything. Consider:

And Obama said, Let there be an expansion in the midst of America, and let it divide America from America.

And Obama made the expansion, and divided America which was before the expansion from America that was after the expansion: and it was so.

And Obama called the expansion Heaven.

And Obama said, Let the America which was before the expansion be gathered together unto one deplorable racist earth-destroying history, and let the purged land appear, and it was so.

And Obama called the purged land New America; and the gathering of its unfulfilled principles to their proper places called he righteousness. And Obama saw that it was very good.

To which I replied:

I was stopped a little at first by “expansion” instead of “expanse,” for “firmament.” But it makes sense. The liberals are always expanding America—more cultures, more inclusion, more diversity, etc. But this very expansion changes American identity radically, cuts America off from what it used to be. So “expansion” really works well. Instead of an “expanse,” or firmament, dividing the waters that are below the expanse from the waters that are above the expanse, there is an “expansion,” which divides the America which was before the expansion from the America which came after the expansion.

Also, a third recent development that makes the June ‘08 entry relevant is the death of the evil Howard Zinn, the man who literally re-wrote American history, in Terry Morris’s words, into “one deplorable racist earth-destroying history.”

And I just want to add: Terry’s parody on the Bible is brilliant. “Let it divide America from America.” That’s perfect. That’s exactly what the left does.

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