Another question on Memogate (a.k.a. Morongate) plausibly answered

Richard W. writes:

I think we have a probable answer to one other mystery surrounding this incident: how did American Renaissance even get connected in the minds of the dimwits at the Arizona Anti-Terrorism Information Center to Jared Loughner to begin with?

One of the first pieces of web information available about the shooter was his YouTube video. This quickly made the rounds shortly after the shooting. I believe it was linked on Drudge for a time. As you know from using YouTube, when you select a specific video you are presented with a list of other “suggested videos” on the right. These suggested videos are compiled using a combination of meta-tags, links and key-world searches.

The connection between Jared Taylor and the shooter, Jared Loughner, is simply that they are both named Jared, a fairly unusual name.

YouTube was “suggesting” Jared Taylor videos to viewers of Jared Loughner, by placing him in the sidebar.

Apparently the people at Arizona Anti-Terrorism Information Center assumed that because YouTube had presented them in adjacent frames that the shooter had somehow chosen the YouTube of Jared Taylor. In a similar manner a YouTube search for “Charles” brings up “Ray Charles,” “Charles Manson,” a monologue of “King Charles I” from the play of that name, and other videos that share only the name “Charles” as part of their meta-data.

If one goes to watch the video “Lawrence Auster—Who belongs in the Anti-Jihad movement, Pt. 1” the side bar currently suggests the video “Palestinian Mujahideen.” The methodology used by the AATIC would suggest that you are somehow influenced by or connected with the Palestinians who made that video. This is obviously an absurd jump to make. It shows a complete ignorance of the most basic aspects of how YouTube works.

LA replies:

Do you know for a fact that this was true? That there was a Jared Taylor video in the sidebar of the Loughner video, and that was the “link” the AAITC found between Loughner and Taylor?

Richard replies:

I know for a fact that YouTube was making the association at the time the story was linked on Drudge. I saw it then and thought “I know him!” Several others in the blogosphere also noticed it.

I have not spoken to anyone at the Arizona Anti-Terrorism Information Center.

So I would call it a highly probable theory based on the known facts.

LA replies:

Remarkable. Given the below moronic level of the people at AATIC, your theory is entirely plausible.

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