The real Auster Autocrat

Alan Roebuck writes:

The real Auster Autocrat is a three-seat military observation and touring aircraft. Don’t know what you can do with it, but there it is.

The Auster J/1 Autocrat

LA replies:

A few years ago I found out about the World War II era Auster airplane in England. But the “Auster Autocrat” is new to me—as we can see from the article, there were various models of the Auster over the years. Since I’m constantly being called a wannabe dictator by my critics and enemies, such as certain conservatives who have accused me of trying to make myself “the sole judge of what constitutes acceptable opinion on the traditional right,” or Robert Spencer who has said that my aim is to “establish Austerism over the West,” the name would seem to be appropriate to myself. However, it’s an odd name for such a modest aircraft. Maybe the people who named the plane back in 1946 picked up from the ether that someday there would be a real, or at least would-be, autocrat named Auster.

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Roger G. writes:

Don’t look at me. I thought you were a Roman horse.

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