Ryan is a way-out neocon (not that that’s a surprise, since the entire GOP leadership is neocon)

Rep. Paul Ryan has given a speech on foreign policy, and it’s all Bush/neocon, all the way.


America’s “exceptionalism” is just this—while most nations at most times have claimed their own history or culture to be exclusive, America’s foundations are not our own—they belong equally to every person everywhere. [LA replies: What a repulsive statement.] The truth that all human beings are created equal in their natural rights is the most “inclusive” social truth ever discovered as a foundation for a free society. “All” means “all”! You can’t get more “inclusive” than that!

Neocon Central is happy.

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JC from Houston writes:

Ryan doesn’t surprise me with these sentiments. Turns out he’s awful on immigration as well.

LA writes:

Here is an excerpt from the article JC sent. It’s by Washington Watcher at Vdare:

Most of the leading Congressional Republicans, for example John Boehner and Eric Cantor, are squishes on immigration who will usually vote the right way on when pressed, but prefer to avoid the issue. This is a far from ideal situation, but they are people we can work with.

Ryan, in contrast, is an avowed enemy of patriotic immigration reform. The left has made much of Ryan’s admiration of Ayn Rand. Contrary to the widespread assumption, Rand was not a supporter of open borders, but my guess is that Ryan’s position on immigration is rooted in left-libertarian sentiments.

Of the 242 Republicans in the House, only five have a lower immigration grade from Numbers USA. Ryan has an F on amnesty and F- on reducing foreign workers and ending chain migration.

Ryan has cosponsored five amnesties, including the misnamed Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act, which was identical to a bill introduced by Ted Kennedy and John McCain and would have granted amnesty to virtually every single illegal alien in the country and massively increased legal immigration.

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