A handy compendium of Obama’s anti-American record

An article at American Thinker usefully sums up Barack Obama’s leftist and anti-American biography, associations, positions, statements, actions, and appointments, and concludes: he is not a failed American president, he’s a very good anti-American president.

Well, maybe he’s one, maybe he’s the other, though I’ve always tended toward the latter. One thing he can’t be is both. And conservatives’ insistence that he is both—attacking him for his diabolical ruthless leftism one minute, and his pitiful bumbling incompetence the next—is insufferable, suggesting a conservative movement so filled with partisan animus against Obama that it is unable to think its way out of a paper bag.

The situation gets worse when the conservatives gleefully add a third criticism of Obama: that blacks have turned against him, because he has not done what they want. But if Obama is not doing what racialist, Nanny State-addicted black America wants him to do, then he is not the anti-white, pro-black leftist that conservatives accuse him of being. None of this occurs to the conservatives, who opportunistically pick up whatever indictment of Obama presents itself, ignoring how each indictment precludes at least one of the others.

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Allan Wall writes:

Good point on the contradictory criticism of many Obama critics. It reminds me of the contradictory criticism of the United Nations. Is the UN bad because it’s a proto-world government, or is it bad because it’s useless and can’t stop conflicts? Because if it’s useless and ineffectual, then we shouldn’t worry about it becoming a world government. But if we disagree with its becoming a one-world government, then we shouldn’t decry its uselessness.

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