Video portrays white middle class as the most likely terrorists

We already know that the DHS, created by President Bush and the Congress in response to the attack on America by Muslim terrorists, believes that the greatest threat of terrorism comes from white conservatives. So it’s no surprise that DHS has made a video about how to respond to terrorism in which, as the Daily Mail reports, all the terrorists are white and all the people reporting the terrorism are nonwhites. That is simply the liberal view of America.

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Robert B. writes:

I think the video is much more sinister than merely reflecting the liberal view of America. Always remember the steps taken toward genocide—the first being to dehumanize, the second being to demonize. There has been a campaign for decades directed at the dehumanization of white males. This video represents another in a series of those that demonize him. The MSM usually depicts terrorists as neo-Nazis. This video is now pointing the finger squarely at mainstream white America which is shown as being the out-group while the non-whites are shown as being the in-group. Food for thought, no?

LA replies:

Now I’ve watched it. It’s so unreal it’s hard to talk about it. First, let us remember the reason the DHS was brought into existence. America had been attacked by Muslim terrorists in the greatest terror attack in history. Islamic terrorists continue, week in, week out, to attempt attacks and to carry out attacks on this country. Yet the video contains no reference to those facts at all. Of all the real and fictional terrorists it shows, only one—the Times Square attempted bomber, who is shown in one brief flash of a photo on a newspaper—is a Muslim terrorist. The rest are cleancut looking young white men, or lower class white men, plus one East Asian seen from behind, plus a few of indeterminate ethnicity.

What I found even odder and funnier was the fact that the people shown calling police with information or investigating terrorists were, repeatedly, black men. The viewer would have the impression that the main people fighting terrorism in America are blacks. Talk about Black Run America! Paul Kersey deserves lasting credit for coming up with that phrase.

What this video says about our government is extremely disturbing. Our government is controlled by people who are not on our side, by weird leftist ideologues who cover up the nature of our enemies, and who believe that the main terrorist threat to America comes from white people. And, worst of all, there is no mainstream politician or media organ that identifies this problem and stands up to it.

But we already knew all this. As I’ve said before, there has been nothing as bad as the fact that the Defense Department’s report on the Fort Hood massacre did not even mention that Nidal Hasan is a Muslim, let alone that he was an outspoken jihadist, and that the Congressional Republicans remained silent about that.

What can we do about this madness? I don’t know.

At the same time, I think you’re going too far when you suggest that this video in and of itself demonizes white men and prepares the way to genocide of whites. However, I think one could say that the video is symptomatic of a leftist ideology that demonizes white men and prepares the way to the genocide of whites.

Tim W. writes:

This is just an expected extension of the portrayals of criminals on television. Last night I saw an ad for an identity theft protection service. Sure enough, a white guy with an evil smirk on his face attempted to set up a charge account at a department store using a stolen identity. Luckily, the black sales clerk was alerted because the man whose identity was stolen had identity theft protection. The portrayals of criminals in home security system ads are so white they’ve become a cliché. Mom and daughter arrive home and flee when they find a white intruder there. In another ad, a white intruder kicks down a door with obvious violent intent, but flees when the security alarm sounds.

Blacks complain about the way they were stereotyped in old Golden Age movies, but they were never treated as evil. They were either absent, portrayed as harmless comic figures (Willie Best, Stepin Fetchit), or were friendly and often wise servants. Mammy and Big Sam are positive characters in Gone With the Wind. So was Dooley Wilson as Sam in Casablanca. Or Mr. Bojangles in the Shirley Temple films. Or Uncle Remus in Song of the South.

Even back then, the violent criminals in movies were all white (Cagney, Bogart, Raft, Robinson). So were the cops, the victims, and the overall society depicted in the films. Blacks may have been absent or limited to certain comedic, musical, or subservient roles, but they were never demonized in Golden Age films. Whites today are demonized.

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